Fan explains ‘tinapa’ gift to ‘confused’ Janella Salvador

January 30, 2023 - 3:01 PM
Janella Salvador_tinapa
Janella Salvador endorsing Swatch in this photo from her Instagram on Feb. 2, 2022 and a tilapia given to Janella during a "Darna" mall show in Bataan in this Twitter photo on Jan. 28, 2023 (Instagram/superjanella and Twitter/superjanella) 

Actress Janella Salvador responded to a fan who gave her a smoked fish as a gift during a “Darna” mall show in Bataan over the weekend.

The actress, along with other cast members of “Mars Ravelo’s Darna,” went to Vista Mall Bataan as part of a show caravan to thank viewers who tuned in to the Kapamilya series in the past half-year.

The primetime show will conclude in mid-February, during which viewers will witness an all-out battle between the titular superheroine (Jane de Leon) and the “Super Soldiers” forces of Borgo (Richard Quan).

The countdown kicked off last Friday, when Regina, Janella’s character, appeared to die after finding out that Narda and Darna are the same.

Meanwhile, Janella on January 28 said she was confused after a fan gave her a smoked fish or “tinapa” when they visited Bataan.

“Hi vadengs, thank you for the gifts ha, but I think I need an explanation for this one,” she tweeted.

“Looks pretty (bomb emojis) tho,” the actress added in another tweet.

Twitter user Lira Feliciano, a Janella fan, responded by suggesting that the actress fry it for breakfast.

“Teka lang, tawang tawa ako (rolling-on-the-floor laughing emojis) tinapa ‘yan bhie, lagay mo muna sa ref, mas masarap ‘yan breakfast, prito mo lang yan, ha (beaming face and winking face emojis),” Lira wrote.

The fan also quote tweeted Janella in another post.

“Ayan na nga ba sinasabi ko, ‘yan ‘yung iniisip ko kanina pa (rolling-on-the-floor laughing emoji) paki prito na lang bukas
@superjanella ha, breakfast niyo (smiling face emoji) pero lagay mo muna sa ref pls, or gusto mo kainin mo na (rolling-on-the-floor laughing emoji),” Lira said.

Janella saw the tweet and responded by saying she actually loves tinapa.

“Just to clarify: I LOVE tinapa!!! Hindi ko lang in-expect na isda ‘yung bubungad sa’kin when I unwrapped the crepe paper with a ribbon (smiling face-with-tear emoji) Excited to fry this ‘litol’ fishy. Tankoo!” she wrote.

Lira said the fancy wrapping is for “presentation” purposes.

“I’m glad that you love it, Janella (smiling face-with-hearts) Welkam! (winking face emoji),” the Twitter user wrote.

Lira reportedly explained the reason for the tinapa gift in the short-messaging platform.

“Hindi naman sila makakagala dito kaya binigyan ko na ng specialty namin,” the user was quoted as saying.

Lira also said the following in response to a Twitter user:

“Baluarte ko ‘to kaya need ng souvenir,” the user wrote with a grinning face emoji.

Lira also gave Jane de Leon, Janella’s co-star, a similar gift.

The tinapa is a specialty of Bataan which has perfected the art of “pagtitinapa” as a way to prolong the fish’s shelf-life and enhance its flavors. It is usually served with tomatoes and eggs.

Almost all of the towns of the province face Manila Bay or the West Philippine Sea, giving them unfettered access to fresh seafood and salt.

“Tinapa” comes from “tapa,” which a Spanish missionary described as “the smoking, steaming, or desiccating by open wood fire [of] something like meat or fish, which are loaded up high in bamboo parilla or grill like roasting pig, or desiccating over low heat of the furnace, that is, by using hot coals and not candles.”