Party-list group issues disclaimer about Bamboo’s thanksgiving concert guesting

January 31, 2023 - 5:58 PM
Bamboo Maalac performs at the SMX Convention Center for Manulife in this photo posted on the band's Facebook page on Jan. 13, 2023 (Facebook/bamboomusiclive).

A party-list group shared a disclaimer about OPM singer Bamboo Mañalac after earning buzz for reportedly appearing in a now-edited promotional poster uploaded by rapper Andrew E. on Facebook.

Tingog party-list on Sunday announced that it is holding a free thanksgiving concert on four different days called “Tingog ng Pasasalamat.”

Among the guests are Andrew E, Karla Estrada and the bands of Plethora and ILT, while Bamboo will serve as a guest artist.

The concert will be held in the cities of Cebu, Tagum, Quezon and Tacloban on February 12, 17, 25 and March 4, respectively.

It is sponsored by the party-list group and House Speaker Martin Romualdez.

Tingog’s post includes a disclaimer about its guest artist, which reads:

“This is to inform the public that Bamboo is not connected to and in endorsement with any political party. His upcoming shows for Tingog Party-List’s Pasasalamat Concert is confined merely as a guest performer and not as an endorser nor supporter of any party or person. Thank you very much.” 

A day before the party-list’s post, Andrew E. posted a publication material (pubmat) on his Facebook page promoting the concert.

He also included emojis of a red and green heart in the caption. The colors are strongly associated with the “UniTeam” alliance of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr and Vice President Sara Duterte.

The rapper has previously appeared in their campaign rallies as a performer.

The picture of Andrew E’s post has since been deleted and changed to reflect the current pubmat which is being used by Tingog, based on his post history.

Andrew E_Facebook page
(Screengrab by Interaksyon from Facebook/andreweworldwide)
Andrew E_Facebook page2
(Screengrab by Interaksyon from Facebook/andreweworldwide)

Some social media users claimed that the removed pubmat featured Bamboo in the center of the artist lineup.

“So, I went back sa Facebook ni Andrew E. and the post was already deleted. Buti na lang may proof pa rin ako,” Twitter account @AltKapamilyaCH wrote.

The new version of the pubmat still features Bamboo but in a smaller picture.

The images of Karla and Andrew E. are now more prominent.

Some speculated that the Tingog post disclaimer was a response to the negative comments against Bamboo’s participation in the upcoming concert.

“May pa-DISCLAIMER ang post from Tingog FB [Facebook] Group, parang nabahala ata ang handler ni Coach Bamboo,” “Banlaw Spaces” host @pauloMDtweets tweeted.

“Yes, Coach Bamboo?” @pauloMDtweets tweeted after seeing the pubmat reportedly uploaded by Andrew E before it was removed.

“Kumusta naman ang kantang inawit mo na may lyrics na: ‘Habang may tatsulok at sila ang nasa tuktok, ‘Di matatapos itong gulo.’ #EyeRolling #Sigh,” he added.

“The Tatsulok is not tatsuloking,” another Twitter user said with a vomiting emoji.

They were referring to one of Bamboo’s popular songs, “Tatsulok,” which talks about “inverting the pyramid” and urging people to fight those who oppress them.

The song was originally a folk song composed by Rom Dongeto in 1989 and performed by his trio folk-rock band Buklod in 1991.

Its members include Noel Cabangon and Rene Boncocan.

The Bamboo band did a cover of it as part of their 2007 album “We Stand Alone Together” and has become its carrier single.

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“I never liked Bamboo kasi he gave off that Filipinx/loyalista vibe (you know, the type na mga Fil-Am na ganyan),” another Twitter user commented after seeing Andrew E’s post which initially featured heart emojis bearing the “UniTeam” colors.

“Habang may tatsulokkkkk. I expected so much from him. Tsskkk,” said a different Pinoy.

“Disappointed with Bamboo! Laki [siguro] ng bayad,” claimed another Twitter user.

“Sabi sa inyo eh. His ‘apolitical’ stance despite gaining massive popularity in the beginning due to his ‘Noypi’ brand and his cover of Tatsulok was [suspicious],” a different Filipino commented.

Ten years ago, Bamboo revealed that he does not do political endorsements.

“My belief is, I don’t do political endorsements ever, and you can write that on the wall. I will never do that,” the singer said in a February 2013 interview.

At that time, the country was a few months away from holding its 2013 midterm elections under late former president Noynoy Aquino’s term.

“I believe in the people. If they want to vote for someone, don’t let an artista or celebrity dictate who you vote for. Do the research, do the work, check Google, check Yahoo, and find out and vote on the issue,” Bamboo said.

“Kung ano ang importante sa’yo, do that. Know your rights, that’s my thing,” he continued.