Constance Wu’s half-Pinoy boyfriend takes spotlight amid pregnancy news

February 23, 2023 - 7:31 PM
Constance Wu and Ryan Kattner
Constance Wu in this interview in "Late Night with Seth Meyers" as seen on her Instagram account on Oct. 5, 2022, and Ryan Kattner in this photo on his Instagram account on July 13, 2022 (constancewu/Instagram; honushonus/Instagram)

The boyfriend of Asian-American actress Constance Wu took the spotlight after she announced of expecting a “Filipinese baby number two” with him on Instagram.

The “Crazy Rich Asian” star shared a picture of her baby bump on the photo-and-video-sharing platform on February 23 with the following text: “Bun in the oven. Filipinese baby #2 coming soon.” It was accompanied by a red heart emoji.

“Filipinese” is a portmanteau of Filipino and Taiwanese.

Constance is an American born to Taiwanese immigrants. According to her, her paternal grandparents were bamboo farmers.

Ryan Kattner, her boyfriend, was also born in the United States of America, although his mother is a Filipina. His father, meanwhile, is American.


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Last month, Ryan shared a picture of him, his mom, and other Filipino relatives on the maternal side.

“Just me [and] my Flips. Love you, Tita Nora (right). Hang on as long as you can. RIP Lola [and] Tita Neva (left of me and Mama Honus),” Ryan said.


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Meanwhile, Constance and Ryan are parents to a two-year-old daughter born in December 2020.

News of Constance’s second pregnancy surprised some Filipinos who just learned from reports that her boyfriend has a Pinoy heritage.

“PINOY BF [NIYA]?!” a Twitter user exclaimed in response to the reports.

“Constance Wu has a Filipino boyfriend???” another online user wrote with shocking emojis.

“Pinoy pala asawa nito,” an online user on Facebook commented.

“I didn’t know she married a half-Pinoy. Fan pa naman [niya] ko sa Crazy Rich Asians. Dito shinot ‘yon sa SG [Singapore],” another Facebook user wrote.

Constance is not yet married to Ryan, however. She has been dating him for at least two years.

Ryan is a frontman of the rock band Man Man under the stage name Honus Honus.

He is also a songwriter, a film-theater score composer, and a screenwriter living in Los Angeles.

Some of Ryan’s credits include being a music supervisor for ten episodes of the 2016 television series “The Exorcist.”

Reports said he grew up in the Philippines, South Carolina, Germany, Illinois, Alabama, and Missouri.