Women of influence: Ayn Bernos, Chesca Kramer, Roanne Carreon share how they overcame gender-related trials

March 10, 2023 - 1:35 PM
Photo of the panel discussion with Chesca Kramer, Ayn Bernos and Roanne Carreon that was hosted by Bianca Gonzales for #IAmWoman event (Released)

Several personalities bared the gender-related hardships they have experienced in pushing for their respective advocacies last Women’s Day, March 8.

Lactacyd, a popular feminine wash brand, and Buscopan Venus, a brand that relieves abdominal pain, invited women and allies to embrace their gender-related wins and struggles through #IAmWoman campaign.

The campaign was launched at a forum at the Bonifacio Global City (BGC) Arts Center in Taguig to celebrate the global annual event.

As part of the advocacy, three content creators on Instagram shared inspiring stories on how they overcame gender stereotypes and other hardships in their careers.

They also posted photos that showed themselves in a self-embrace. They also have different descriptions of themselves starting with the “I am…” phrase.

The following social media personalities were guest speakers there:

  • Ayn Bernos, content creator and former contender of Miss Universe Philippines (MUP)
  • Chesca Kramer, celebrity content creator and former Filipina actress
  • Roanne Carreon, podcaster and LGBTQIA rights advocate

The vlogger and beauty queen

Ayn wrote “I am creative” for the campaign.

In her story, Ayn bared that she was once told that she was too ambitious and pretentious when she ventured into the things she wanted to do—vlogging and pageantry.

“I’ve always had a hard time being ambisyosa, especially in a world where you have to bet on yourself first before anyone else has the chance to,” she said.

“’Feeling vlogger,’ ‘feeling beauty queen,’ ‘feeling girl boss’ — I heard it all and more,” the former beauty queen added.

Ayn then recalled how she overcame her self-doubts.

“I had to silence the voice in my head that questioned if I was good enough to be where I wanted to be. But looking back at the last decade of me simply trying— I can now say for certain that being ambitious and relentless does pay off. Even if you don’t succeed in the way that you imagined, trying will always come with experiences and stories that can stand on their own,” she said.

In the end, Ayn made emphasis her realization that all the trials she received in the past are worth it.

“I am a work-in-progress, perpetually. #IAmWoman, proudly,” Ayn said.

Being a mother in the public eye

For Chesca, motherhood is a role that she took head-on. She also described it as a role that “never ends.”

In her photo, she has the “I am intuitive” description written on her arms.

“Being a mother is a role that never ends. It’s dedicating to raise another life according to God’s will. When I became a mother, I accepted the challenge full on. I discovered my purpose in life,” Chesca said.

In her post, Chesca recalled the things she realized and discovered when she started her journey into being a full-time mother.

“I discovered attributes I never thought existed. When one becomes a mother, she becomes selfless, self-sacrificing, patient, nurturing. She is her children’s educator and at times their healer, emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. Not to mention what it takes for her to run the household and keep everything in order,” the 42-year-old influencer said.

“Though motherhood has its challenges, just like every career outside the home. For me, nothing can compare with the emotional rewards of being a dedicated mother,” she added.

Chesca further expressed that she felt she grew up with her three children Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin.

“I was born again–growing with my children, watching their transformation, and molding them. The choice is mine to take. And I have embraced my calling to be a mother,” she said.

The model further continued: “I will continue to be the best I can be as a mom because I am strong, and #IAmWoman.”

Chesca is married to Doug Kramer, a professional basketball player.

The LGBTQIA rights advocate

In her post, Roanne wrote “I am worthy” in her arms.

She also recalled the stereotypes she experienced and received as a bisexual and a woman back then.

“Growing up, I used to believe that being a woman meant being submissive and quiet. As a bisexual woman, I also struggled with society’s expectation to fit into heteronormative boxes and feeling invalidated and erased in both spaces,” she said.

It was later that Roanne learned to become “empowered” as a teacher, content creator and advocate.

“I found my voice and I was empowered to speak up. And that was the moment that I realized my unique perspective as a teacher, content creator, and advocate. I’m proud to break barriers and pave the way for the next generation of queer women. #IamWoman loud and proud,” she said.