Tili Pacquiao? Why Solenn Heussaff, Nico Bolzico’s child calls herself by boxer’s name

May 5, 2023 - 2:54 PM
Solenn family pic
Solenn Heussaff, Nicol Bolzico, and their daughter Thylane in this photo posted on Solenn's Instagram account on Dec. 24, 2022 (solenn/Instagram)

Thylane Pacquiao?

The eldest daughter of actress Solenn Heussaff and entrepreneur Nico Bolzico had referred to herself with a completely different name.

Although unrelated to the world-renowned Filipino boxing legend, the three-year-old child amused and surprised social media users when her father said she calls herself “Tili Pacquiao.”

“Tili” is Thylane‘s nickname.

How ‘Tili Pacquiao’ came to be

Solenn on Tuesday, May 2 uploaded pictures of their four-member family enjoying the beach at Flower Island Resort in Taytay, Palawan.

“The best days with my best people. Yes, Tili has a black eye (face-holding-back-tears emoji) but she is all good!” she wrote on Instagram.

Her post has amassed over 260,000 likes so far.

One of the photos featured Thylane holding her younger sister, Maëlys Lionel.

Thylane was smiling, but a big bruise could be spotted below her left eye.


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“What happened, Tiliboo??” Isabelle Daza commented.

Solenn recounted an incident before they headed off to tropical paradise.

“She was excited for the beach, jumping on the sofa the night before we flew. Jumped so high, she fell off and bumped her face on the wall,” she responded to her friend with a face-with-peeking-eye emoji.

After Solenn shared the photos, her husband commented that their daughter was now calling herself “Tili Pacquiao,” using the boxing champion’s last name.

Nico’s comment was accompanied by laughing-with-tears emojis.

As a professional boxer, Manny Pacquaio has been pictured sporting a black eye after some of his bouts with other international fighters.

A black eye is a bruise that develops when fluids collect in the tissues around the eye.

The bruising and discolorations are caused by broken blood vessels under the skin, usually due to an injury or physical trauma to the area.

Experts said that the skin around the eye is “quite loose, thin and transparent,” causing it to puff up easily.

“Even a little pooling of blood can cause discoloration,” a public health information website said.