Pinoys rally behind Liza Soberano amid criticisms vs vlogging gig

September 22, 2023 - 12:27 PM
Liza Soberano_Shangri-La
Liza Soberano at Shangri-La The Fort in this photo taken by Niko Gonzales and posted on her Instagram on Aug. 30, 2023 (lizasoberano/Instagram)

Actress Liza Soberano was showered with messages of support from some Filipinos after she called out news sites for their way of reporting.

The showbiz personality on Thursday, September 21 responded to a social media post of, which shared an article published by its tabloid counterpart, Bandera.

“Liza Soberano pinagtawanan ng bashers: ‘Hay naku, kung anu-ano na lang pinaggagagawa mo, nasaan na ang Hollywood dream?’” the headline and caption reads.

The report caught the actress’ attention, who called it out in a repost.

“What type of journalism is this, @inquirerdotnet, @banderaphl ?? You guys are straight-up s**tting on a young woman’s dreams in the pursuit of clicks and comments,” Liza wrote.

“Don’t you guys have more important news to talk about??????” she added.

The article, published on Bandera on September 19, began with the phrase: “FROM an A-lister to vlogger.”

“Ganyan ang drama ni Liza Soberano na tila pinagtatawanan sa social media nowadays. From being an A-list actress kasi, biglang na-demote sa pagiging vlogger na lang si Liza, something which did not sit well with her bashers,” it said.

The report added that “majority” of Filipinos feel that what happened to Liza appeared to be a “demotion of sort,” adding that she had supposedly let go of her Hollywood dream.

It also gathered some mixed comments about the actress’ career direction.

Meanwhile, the actress’ post has gained 27,900 likes and over 3,400 quotes so far.

“Your voice matters, and you’re making it heard. Remember, you’ve got the power to turn your dreams into reality. Keep moving forward. We’re here to support you all the way, @lizasoberano,” a fan commented.

“Go Liza, chase your dreams. Walang mali sa pagpili ng kasiyahan. Others will never understand. It’s always hard to say goodbye and a lot will misunderstand our decisions. At the end of the day, our future is up to us. Best of luck!” another user wrote.

“Go get ’em, girl!!!!! Let them talk, do what you think is best for youuuu. You’re so brave for going against what these people expected of you and for going after your dreams. Love youuuu always!” exclaimed a different Pinoy.

Liza’s life so far 

Liza recently revealed she plans to enter the Korean entertainment industry, adding that she “personally” considers South Korea “the next Hollywood.”

She had already filmed a YouTube travel series, “Liza in Korea,” which features her as a tourist, fan girl and aspiring entrepreneur exploring one of her favorite destinations in the world.

Liza also shared that she has been “quiet with her acting career” due to the ongoing strike of the Screen Actor’s Guild and American Federation of Radio and TV Artists (SAG-AFTRA) and the Writers Guild of America (WGA) against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

The two sides (the unions and the producers) have been divided on issues of pay, the size of writing staff on shows and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the creation of scripts, the backbone of any show or movie.

Liza is a member of the SAG-AFTRA.

She explained she “can’t take on any projects legally until the strike is over.”

“Technically, I can act in indie films, but to show unity and solidarity with the rest of the SAG members, it’s just best not to do anything until then,” the actress said to Inquirer Entertainment before.

Earlier this year, Liza said she has plans to pursue a career in Hollywood, the world’s biggest film industry, adding it has been her longtime dream to do so.

“My personal goal is to be able to bridge the gap between the Philippines and America and help the younger generation, little girls, who also dream of coming out here and make a career for themselves, and I wanna make it easier for them when they do that in the future, and if it that means me taking the first leap, then so be it,” she said last June.

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