‘Sabotage?’: Heart Evangelista posts cryptic comment about black propaganda, content ‘shadow ban’

October 6, 2023 - 6:42 PM
Heart Evangelista
Heart Evangelista in Paris, France in this photo posted by Renz Pangilinan on Instagram on Sept. 28, 2023 (renzpangilinan/Instagram)

Actress-socialite Heart Evangelista shocked some Filipinos when she mentioned being shadowbanned and being a target of “black propaganda” in an Instagram comment to actor-entrepreneur Marco “Bibo” Bayona.

The fashion influencer on Wednesday, October 4 uploaded a video on Instagram where she was spotted wearing pieces of the French luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton.

“This place is a world on its own,” Heart wrote as a caption.

She is currently in Paris and has recently attended the Paris Fashion Week‘s Spring/Summer 2024 shows in the global fashion capital.

In the comments section, Marco expressed his support for the fashion influencer and for representing the Philippines on the “global stage.”

He also called Heart a “trailblazer” when it comes to creating digital content.

“ICONIC!!! While others may discredit what you have [accomplished] from the ground up, there’s no denying that you are indeed a trailblazer, the blueprint, the standard. Always elevating the content gaming. We see your hard work, we appreciate your vision. Thank you for representing us so well [on] the global stage,” Marco wrote with emojis.

Heart admitted that she was “touched” by his comment.

She then disclosed cryptic happenings that some Filipinos found surprising.

“It is what I love. Stolen contacts, black propaganda [and] hiring a 3rd [third] party to shadow ban my contents in the end will not matter because I don’t do this for fame… I do this for love and passion,” the fashion influencer responded in the comments.

“I will keep doing this till I’m old and gray. Even if no one is looking, I will continue to express myself through fashion because this gives me happiness,” Heart continued with smiling emoticons.

Her revelation led a Filipino to express shock at what the socialite disclosed.

“OMG, what is this about? Stolen contacts??? Sabotage???” an Instagram user wrote in the comments. It earned eight likes.

A social media management platform described shadowban as an instance “when a user is muted or blocked on a social media platform (or forum) without receiving any official notification about it.”

“Posts, comments or activities may be hidden or obscured. Accounts may stop showing up in searches or see a drop in engagement because no one (including followers) can see the account’s content in their feeds,” Hootsuite said.

“Most social media platforms claim that shadowbanning isn’t real, but will admit to downgrading or hiding public posts that violate community guidelines or are deemed inappropriate,” it further said.

Another Instagram post of Heart received intriguing comments as well.

“Why isn’t your content [or] pictures appearing on my feed? [I] have to search it pa po,” a user wrote in one of the socialite’s posts.

Three other Instagram users in the comment thread affirmed experiencing the same thing.

A different Instagram post of Heart also received cryptic comments.

“Life is a series of contrasts,” she wrote as a caption on her post.

“Baka series of ‘Contacts,'” an Instagram user commented.

“Stolen?” another user responded.

“The more they envy your place, the more the conflict they can’t. And you ARE the CONTRAST for them that makes more interesting because they can’t [just] destroy you!” commented another user.

Heart previously said that she was not just after the prestige or the profit of being a fashion influencer.

“It’s a career and it’s profitable because it represents something which is inspiring, aspirational, empowering,” she said last May.

“And as a voice or influencer, that’s something that I stand for, which is authenticity,” the socialite added.

“When I collaborate with the designer, it’s not just isusuot ‘yung damit. You have to speak with the outfit, with your own words, you have to post it, you have to do reel,” Heart said.

She said that she started her career in fashion influencing started about six or seven years ago.

The socialite credited “Crazy Rich Asians” author Kevin Kwan for “launching” her into that world in 2018.