Pinoys online hail Nadine Lustre as queen of ‘estetik’

May 9, 2024 - 3:23 PM
Nadine Lustre (Nadine Lustre/Instagram)

Nadine Lustre has long proved her eye for photography as shown on her Instagram account.

More than the face card she serves, her photos definitely have coherent curation that some people could not help but tease her for.

As Nadine posted her OOTDs (outfit of the day) from her recent Milan trip, followers started to flock to her comment section to ride on the “estetik” running joke.

On social media, “estetik” or aesthetic, is usually used to refer to the overall visual theme and mood of an account, according to Teenlibrariantoolbox. also said that in pop culture, the slang term refers to the “overall style of someone or something, like a musical sound, interior design, or even a social media presence.”

In Nadine’s case, online users are amused by her “aesthetic” wherein she take photos on various locations, some with public space as background, others are minimalist backdrop. She usually wears high-fashion outfits and sports a fierce look.

Recently, online users are noticing that no other individuals can be seen on Nadine’s photos.

“Pinaalis yung nag-titinda ng sampaguita para estetik,” joked one Pinoy on a photo of her posing in front of an Italian church.

“Inalis yung white lady sa likod para estetik?” wrote another Instagram user in jest.


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At one point, Nadine surprised her followers by joining in on the joke.

“Binasa yung kalsada para estetiqe,” she commented in her own post.

Nadine’s recent posts featuring beach photos taken in Siargao were also met with the same influx of humorous comments about the “aesthetic”.

“Inalis ang mga nakasampay na twalya para estetik,” bantered one Filipino online.

“Inalis yung diaper na lumulutang para estetique,” said another.

While social media users have fun poking fun at Nadine’s posts, some online users cautioned them not to piss her off.

“HAHAHAHAHAHA baka sa susunod i-off na ni miss @nadine yung comment section para ✨ESTETIQUE✨🥺 edi lagot?” commented an Instagram user.

What seemed like a joke that sprung out of nowhere actually started from a post on X about Nadine’s Christmas Eve spread in 2023.

“Ijk [I just know] tinabi muna lahat ni Nadine lahat ng noche buena para minimalist pa rin ang family picture,” an X user posted.

The post garnered over 44,000 likes and 2.5 million likes.

Nadine told earlier this year that she plans to release more music.

She also has a folklore horror with director Mikhail Red set to be released this year.