‘Can’t believe it’: Keiko Necesario honored by Kitchie Nadal’s desire to work with her

June 25, 2024 - 5:18 PM
Keiko Necesario (Released)

Filipino indie singer-songwriter Keiko Necesario was in disbelief after learning that OPM icon Kitchie Nadal named her as among the young female artists she wants to work with.

In a press conference for Kitchie’s 20th anniversary concert last month, Kitchie said she wants to work with several young female artists.

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“Madami, pero isa na doon si Keiko Necesario… sila ‘yung mga napapakinggan ko ngayon,” Kitchie told the press.

Interaksyon sought for Keiko’s reaction to Kitchie’s remark

“I actually can’t believe it… it seems like just yesterday when I was in my room and playing the guitar, singing her (Kitchie’s) songs and writing my own songs because I was so inspired by her. So finding out about this is just crazy to me but also, I’m so grateful and I’m honored,” she said in an email interview with Interaksyon.

Keiko’s return as Indie artist

After a two-year hiatus from the music scene, the multi-talented artist just released her new single “Kahit Pa Anong Mangyari” last May 31.

In the past two years, Keiko said she has been discovering more about herself but creating music never stopped.

“I still wrote songs, I still recorded in the studio, I still experienced life and enjoyed the season of a little quiet,” she said.

Keiko admitted that she has been experiencing challenges in launching her music. She said that since she did not release songs in a while, some of her fans have outgrown her and her music.

“It’s not easy staying in the music industry, especially, because I’m getting older and seasons change,” the artist said.

“With all the new artists and new songs emerging left and right, some fans or people have outgrown me and my music… that’s okay but still, it is a challenge. This also taught me to be okay with change and to embrace the new even more,” she added.

The artist, known for her songs “Away from the current”, “While we are young”, “Di bale na,” among others, also shared that she is challenged financially.

“We’re not rich and now that I’m back to being indie, funding the projects or the songs that I create definitely has more limitations now but this also teaches me to be resourceful and be even more creative,” Keiko said.

The singer also cited algorithm as among the challenges as for her, algorithm “plays a big part” in terms of her work’s visibility.

Despite the challenges, Keiko said she is blessed to have her husband, fellow singer Jem Cubil, by her side saying he is her “biggest support and fan.”

“The way he pushes me to create more and to do this music thing with purpose really uplifts me. He supports me in a way that he’s the first one to assure me that my art matters and that for as long as God calls me here, I should just be a good steward of things. His role is to always bring me back to Jesus; to remind me that I’m doing this not just because I have a gift but to honor that One who gave me the gift of music,” Keiko told Interaksyon.

Jem was a “Pilipinas Got Talent” Season 2 grand finalist and The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 contender.

Keiko and Jem have been married since 2020.

Meawhile, Keiko launched her latest single “Kahit Pa Anong Mangyari” last June 1.

The song, written and co-produced by Keiko, with her bassist Charles Bautista assisting with the overall production, brings music fans to the glory days of late ‘90s and early 2000s OPM alternative rock where female-fronted bands ruled the airwaves.

It is now available for streaming on all digital streaming platforms worldwide.