‘Fire in the hole’: Why Kitchie Nadal’s photo in Spain is gaining buzz online

March 28, 2023 - 12:41 PM
A photo of Kitchie Nadal and her sister during their trip in Spain that recently gained buzz among video game players (KitchieNadal/Facebook)

Counter-strike with Kitchie Nadal?

A photo of Kitchie and her sister in Spain with a backdrop that looked like the setting of a popular computer game caught attention of gamers and online users.

Music photographer Niña Sandejas noticed this photo that the “Same Ground” singer has recently uploaded on her Facebook account.

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The picture showed Kitchie and her sister Lala Nadal in medieval costumes at an alley behind ancient-looking structures.

Niña saw the photo background’s resemblance to a place normally spotted in a long-running video game franchise, “Counter-Strike.”

She could not help but share this picture and write the following witty caption:

“Uy Counter-strike!” the photographer said.

“Hi Kitchie and Lala so pretty,” she added.

Niña’s post soon gained buzz on Facebook. It has since garnered 2,800 reactions, 63 comments and 98 shares on the platform.

In the comments section of her post, Niña shared a photo of an old magazine feature about Kitchie. It was about the latter’s enthusiasm in playing Counter-Strike back then.

“Palagi akong sinasama ng brothers ko so I got hooked rin,” the younger Kitchie was quoted as saying.

Screenshot of a comment from Niña Sandejas’s post

Kitchie’s snapshot with her sister, meanwhile, later reached the page SEAesport, a Facebook account dedicated to news and updates on e-games in Southeast Asia.

“Can’t unSEA,” the page said in its post.

This post soon caught the attention of Counter-Strike fans and players on Facebook. It has since garnered 10,000 reactions, 173 comments and 2,400 shares on the platform.

In the comments section, several Filipinos were amused about how similar the location of Kitchie’s now-viral photo was with the a setting in the computer shooter video game.

Other Facebook users, meanwhile, left remarks referencing popular phrases uttered during the Counter-Strike game play.

“The bomb has been planted,” a Filipino commented on Facebook.

“Fire in the hole!” another Facebook user said.

“Enemy spotted haha,” a player also commented.

Where was this picture taken?

Kitchie, her sister and the rest of her family were in a small town in Spain called Montiel to join an annual celebration called “Montiel Medieval.”

In this event, attendees and guests get to dress up in clothes from the Middle Ages and participate in fun, family-oriented games and activities.

Kitchie uploaded videos and photos of their Montiel Medieval experience on Facebook and Instagram.