KITA MO BA? | Japanese tourist spots pivotal to ‘Kita Kita’ success

August 3, 2017 - 7:10 AM
Empoy Marquez and Alessandra de Rossi in 'Kita Kita.'

A lot has been said about Sigrid Andrea Bernardo’s “Kita Kita.” Those who’ve seen the film can’t stop talking about the well told love story of Lea and Tonyo.

They’ve hailed the subtle but effective portrayal of Lea by Alessandra de Rossi, the deadpan wit and hilarious delivery of Empoy Marquez, the marvelous cinematography of Boy Yñiguez, the picturesque production design by Thesa Tang, and of course, the light and steady touch of Direk Sigrid herself.

But as with the most memorable romantic comedies, location is a key factor for the success of “Kita Kita” in the box office. Setting the film entirely in Japan particularly in the tourist magnet city of Sapporo and its neighboring towns in the relatively laid-back island of Hokkaido was a stroke of genius.

It certainly enhanced the romance of Lea and Tonyo in a big way. And now, audiences who can’t get enough of Japan’s revered Sapporo beer were equally fascinated by other popular Japanese items like Daruma dolls and Origami paper cranes that were also featured in the film.

Sapporo beer and Daruma doll.

Movies take people to places they’re mostly not familiar with. And thanks in large part to Lea’s occupation as a tourist guide, “Kita Kita” had plenty of opportunity to showcase Japan’s numerous scenic spots.

And with no less than Direk Sigrid herself graciously agreeing to be our tourist guide for this feature, here are five of the film’s most noteworthy places that served as backdrop for some of the film’s key moments.