Wave of e-numan sessions: Alcoholic drink importers issue this reminder

April 6, 2021 - 9:20 AM
Virtual drinking session
An individual engaged in a virtual drinking session. (Image by Shannon Lawford from Pixabay)

An association of alcoholic beverage importers and distributors reminded the public to drink responsibly in “e-numan” or virtual drinking sessions during lockdowns.

The Alcoholic Beverages Alliance of the Philippines in a Facebook post encouraged Filipinos to pace their drinking while enjoying beer, wine and spirits in their online get-togethers with families and friends.

“Now that staying home is more important than ever, it’s time to think up ways to connect and enjoy safely. Don’t forget to drink responsibly,” it said in a March 31 post.

People are also reminded to adhere to their local government’s restrictions on liquor purchases and consumption.

“Stay safe. Stay home. Keep each other safe by being creative with your virtual get-togethers. Enjoy e-numan (electronic inuman) sessions responsibly by pacing your drinks,” the group said.

Virtual drinking sessions have become part of the “new normal” in light of restrictions placed on social gatherings amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

To avoid going out, people organize gatherings with families and friends through video calls while simultaneously enjoying their drinks at home instead of traditionally convening in one place.

The alliance also recently signed a pledge for the responsible sale of wines and spirits online to prevent minors from purchasing it through e-commerce platforms amid the rise of online shopping this pandemic.

Signatories include leading importers and distributors in the country such as Diageo, Pernod Ricard, Moët Hennessy and Brown-Forman—owners of alcohol brands such as Johnnie Walker, Absolut Vodka, Hennessy and Jack Daniels.

“This pledge marks a significant milestone in achieving a responsible e-retailing environment for alcohol. Our member-companies actively advocate for responsible drinking and take our obligation to sell and market our products responsibly very seriously,” Kavita Hans, chairperson of ABAPI, said in a release.

“We commit to develop all possible safeguards to ensure that our products do not end up in the hands of minors. The pledge is the right step to ensuring a safe e-commerce environment and will give us the opportunity to learn from each other and share best practices,” she added.

The group said that alcohol sales on e-commerce platforms have risen over the past few months due to quarantine restrictions and the reduced operation of bars and restaurants in the pandemic.