Book lovers launch own community pantry-like initiative via Google Drive

April 21, 2021 - 5:48 PM
Stack of books (Image by Eli Digital Creative from Pixabay)

Lovers of literature are not left out in the growing community pantry movement.

A community e-library was set up by Filipinos which aims to give the public open access to local and foreign literary works they can peruse to their hearts’ content.

Poet Alfonso Manalastas through Twitter shared a Google Drive link containing PDFs of assorted written pieces belonging to topics like archaeology, history, philosophy and self-help, among others.

It also contains comics, works of fiction, essays and poems.

Manalastas said the initiative was based on Stefan Punongbayan’s suggestion, inspired by the emergence of community pantries.

Everyone can upload written works but for local pieces, it should have the consent of the author first.

Manalastas also appealed to Filipinos to refrain from restricting access to the Google Drive by turning off the link-sharing option.

“Hindi po ito repository of literature na para sa iilan lamang. Ito po ay para sa ating lahat,” he tweeted.

Writer Jerry Grácio also shared on Tuesday that he would open his “modest library” to the literature-loving community.

“Sa mga taga-Valenzuela lang para malapit, pwedeng mag-bike. Will upload a Google docs link containing the list of my books, puwede ninyong hiramin, pik-apin sa bahay, i-disinfect siempre, at isoli pag tapos n’yo nang basahin,” he tweeted.

The recent community pantry initiative was pioneered by Ana Patricia Non in Maginhawa, Quezon City where Filipinos can freely get food and other resources based on their needs.

Those who have the means to donate to the community are encouraged to do so.