How supporters found out Robredo is an avid player of a word puzzle video game

July 5, 2022 - 12:46 PM
Leni Robredo with phone
Former vice president Leni Robredo sitting on a staircase in the Office of the Vice President with former chief-of-staff Philip Dy in this photo from her Facebook on July 4, 2022. (Facebook/leni.robredo)

Former vice president Leni Robredo was revealed to be an avid player of a word puzzle video game when a supporter asked her if she was playing it in response to a picture of the former official looking at her phone.

On Monday, the Angat Pinas, Inc. chairman dedicated a long Facebook post to her former chief-of-staff, Philip “Boyet” Dy, who celebrated his birthday on July 4.

Robredo’s post was accompanied by pictures of her with Dy, one of her top aides, at the Office of the Vice President for six years.

One of the photos includes Robredo and the former undersecretary sitting on the staircase of her office, where both of them can be seen looking at their respective phones.

The picture caught the attention of some Filipinos, with a Facebook user speculating if she was playing Wordscapes.

“Madam Atty. Nag-wo-Wordscape ka po ba, what level ka na po?” a supporter wrote in the comments. It has earned over 240 pure laughing reactions.

Robredo responded by sharing a screengrab of her Wordscapes interface which showed she is at “level 711” with a “brilliance” points of 27,114.

Robredo’s comment has earned over 890 reactions. It also reached Twitter, where some supporters called the former vice president a Wordscapes “addict.”

Wordscapes is a word puzzle video game available as an app on smartphones and other devices.

It is a free-to-play mobile game that lets users create words from random letters to fill a crossword puzzle.

But unlike in usual crossword puzzles, players will need to swipe letters to form words without being given any clue about the word.

The game has backdrops of an ocean, a forest, or a mountain to let the player “escape” as they play.