Thread: Pinoys are using this Twitter feature to share #throwback stories, moments

August 4, 2022 - 12:01 PM
People using smartphones
Image by Dean Moriarty via Pixabay

Do you still remember the good old days?

Filipinos are revealing their “core memories” by sharing their most memorable childhood stories through a microblogging platform’s feature.

Twitter users are reminiscing their favorite childhood games, Pinoy food and fast food chain go-tos by telling their stories on threads.

For instance, some fans of P-pop girl group BINI are highlighting different games in the latter’s choreography for the song “Pit-A-Pat.”

The thread includes snippets of their performance creatively incorporating dance steps attributed to every child’s favorite games  like “Mataya-taya,” “Nanay-Tatay,” “Tagu-taguan,” “Ten-twenty,” “Sipa,” “Doktor Kwak-kwak,” “Bubuka ang Bulaklak,” “Bahay-bahayan,” “Bato-bato-pik,” and “Luksong Tinik.”

Others are using the feature to share their favorite Filipino meals, viands, merienda and desserts.

While some are utilizing Twitter threads to share entertaining childhood memories involving the elderly.

Other users are venturing into the supernatural by sharing unexplainable experiences in their younger years.

Some are using the platform to inspire others to reach out to those they have hurt or belittled in their past.

“It can definitely bring closure and heal the both of you. It may have been years or even decades ago but it’s never too late to say sorry,” a Twitter user said, sharing screenshots of a grade school classmate.

Twitter threads enable users to provide additional context, updates, or an extended point by connecting multiple tweets together.

The feature is a means for users to expand on topics or posts that cannot be written in 280 characters or less.