Kidlat Tahimik’s mammoth art exhibit on display at National Museum of Anthropology

October 19, 2022 - 7:43 PM
Photo of Kidlat Tahimik's mammoth art installation at the National Museum of Anthropology (Facebook/National Museum of the Philippines)

The National Museum of the Philippines on Tuesday, October 18 unveiled a mammoth art installation that explored the history of colonialism in the country.

The art exhibit called “INDIO-GENIUS: 500 Taon ng Labanang Kultural (1521-2021)” was made by National Artist for Film Kidlat Tahimik.

It will be open to the public on Oct. 22, 2022, at the National Museum of Anthropology. It will museum was temporarily closed last July.

While waiting for viewing day, the National Museum also uploaded photos of Tahimik’s large artworks mounted at the anthropology museum’s galleries.

“THE LONG WAIT IS OVER! The National Museum of the Philippines has finally launched yesterday National Artist Kidlat Tahimik’s INDIO-GENIUS: 500 Taon ng Labanang Kultural (1521-2021),” the post reads.

“We are also happy to announce that everyone can now view this exhibition on Saturday, OCTOBER 22, 2022, along with the reopening of the National Museum of Anthropology!” it added.

The photos showed different sculptures, paintings, statues, woodworks, neon lights and other art forms that cover the museum’s spaces, walls and entrances.

The artworks were also put up alongside other attractions and galleries.

Aside from the in-person exhibit, guests may take a virtual 360° tour of Kidlat’s impressive ensemble via Google Maps.

In the post, the National Museum commended this launch as “great timing” as it will be opened during the Museum and Galleries Month 2022.

“Such great timing to open the third week of #MGM2022! Coming up this week are some special pop-up performances, including an immersive music and dance experience by UP Diliman’s Kontra-GaPi at the National Museum of Anthropology to kick off the exhibition’s public opening,” it said.

This exhibit was a recreation of the same installation Kidlat made for the Palacio de Cristal del Retiro or the Glass Palace in Madrid, Spain.

Previously titled “Magellan, Marilyn, Mickey and Fray Damaso: 500 Years of Rock Star Conquerors,” it was previously on display in Spain from October 2021 to March 2022.

This time, the recreated version will be open to the public for the next six months starting on October 22.

‘Feels like a journey or a narrative’

In an interview with ANC, Kidlat Tahimik’s son, Kawayan de Guia, explained the work of his father. He likened Kidlat’s work to filmmakers’.

“Kidlat’s works whether film or installation or performances are like recurring dreams. They start with a small idea and narrative which over time becomes more and more complex, but when dissected is still true to form and is clear like it’s [an original concept,” de Guia was quoted in the report as saying. 

“The way he formulates his work is still structured like a filmmaker or director,” he added.

“Also since the National Museum has many spaces, he had to lay out his work in sections. Which makes [the exhibition] also feel more like a narrative of a journey,” De Guia furthered.

Kidlat received the prestigious National Artist for Film award in 2018.

He is known for his “Third Cinema” filming style.

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts defined the Third Cinema as “a cinema that is critical of neocolonial exploitation and state oppression.”