National Museum offers exclusive beep cards to conclude ‘Museum and Galleries Month’

October 26, 2023 - 1:30 PM
Poster featuring the limited-edition National Museum of the Philippines (NMP) beep cards (beepcardph/Facebook)

Beep cards with local museum designs will soon be available to the public.

These exclusive commuters’ cards were an initiative of the National Museum of the Philippines in partnership with the AF Payments Incorporation, which runs the beep card system, to conclude the Museum and Galleries Month this October.

In a post on October 24, the beep card Facebook page unveiled the designs of the limited-edition cards. It showed the beep cards in different solid colors — blue, red, green and brown.

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“Introducing our limited-edition National Museum beep cards! Grab these exclusive cards and own a piece of heritage and culture at the palm of your hand!” the post reads.

“Each card comes in different unique designs that are inspired by the rich history of our country. Available at the National Museum of the Philippines, Padre Burgos Drive, Rizal Park, Manila,” it added.

Each beep card features a façade of an NMP building in the Philippines. The museums showcased are:

  • The National Museum of Fine Arts
  • The National Museum of Anthropology
  • The National Museum of Natural History
  • The National Museum of the Philippines-Cebu

In a separate post, the National Museum Employees’ Multi-Purpose Cooperative also promoted limited-edition commuting devices in line with National Cooperative Month. This is also celebrated every October of the year.

“On to the last leg of October and we are ending the National Cooperative Month with a bang! Grab a piece of the Special Limited Edition National Museum of the Philippines beep card (also in celebration of the Museums and Galleries Month),” it said.

The cooperative also announced the sale dates of the cashless payment devices:

  • The three museums in NMP’s complex in Manila will be on sale starting on October 27.
  • The beep card showcasing the NMP in Cebu, meanwhile, will be available on October 31.

Signed in December 2020, Republic Act 11502 declared October as the National Cooperative Month “for the conduct of activities and programs that promote the principles and values of cooperatives and encourage cooperative movement by the CDA (Cooperative Development Authority) in consultation with the cooperative sector.”

The NMP beep cards can also function in retail and transport services where the regular cards are used.

These include the following:

  • Point-to-point buses
  • Select provincial buses
  • Select city buses
  • MRT and LRT trains
  • Select stores of Uncle John, KFC and Lawson

The cost and the load of the heritage cards are yet to be revealed.