Rundown: Rare vines, flowers you can spot in Masungi Georeserve this Holy Week

April 5, 2023 - 5:44 PM
Composite photo of the Jade Vine, an endangered vine, and the Salinggogon, also known as the cherry blossoms in the Philippines, at the Masungi Georeserve Park (MasungiGeo/Twitter)

Rare vines and flowers await tourists at the Masungi Georeserve Park this Holy Week.

In social media posts , Masungi invited Filipinos to explore the georeserve in Rizal and appreciate the biodiversity of the place from April 3 to 10.

โ€œThis Holy Week, don’t miss out on the chance to visit the georeserve! Schedules from April 3-10, 2023 are available on our website,โ€ it said in the post.

Rare veins were also recently spotted in the park, according to Masungi.

  • The JCโ€™s Vine is now in bloom and can be spotted by the guests near the trails.


  • Jade Vine was found in the โ€œsame area that would have been leveled to the ground by quarries.โ€

  • The Salinggogon flowers, which resemble the cherry blossoms in Japan, are also in bloom this summer.


Last April, Masungi also shared stunning photos of the different species of butterflies that could be seen fluttering over the area.

โ€œThe presence of butterflies indicates a healthy ecosystem, while their loss serves as a warning sign of an imminent ecological catastrophe or potential habitat loss for other organisms,โ€ it said.

Butterfly species that can be spotted in the park include the following:

  • Golden Birdwing
  • Blue-Moon Butterfly
  • Purple Crow
  • Lorquinโ€™s Satyr


Based on its website, guests can still schedule or book their visits from April 5 to 9. The succeeding dates are also still available for booking.

They can choose between the following three trail experiences:

Discovery Trail lets guests get close to the karst terrain through a trek that lasts for three to four hours.

โ€œA park ranger will be guiding guests through the trek providing a deeper understanding of the area,” the description on the website reads.

Legacy Trail is an immersion experience wherein guests can โ€œdirectly participate in bringing life back in the abused land and care for the area.โ€

Garden Picnic is a relaxed trip wherein guests get to stroll for 20 minutes, sit in a designated picnic space and lounge during their stay to appreciate the surroundings.

Masungi is considered one of the few remaining karst landscapes in the Philippines.

A โ€œkarstโ€ is defined as an area made of limestone that have different land and water formations.

National Geographic said that karst landscapes include โ€œcaves, undergroundย streamsย andย sinkholesย on the surface.”

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To help save Masungi from destructive activities, the foundation is asking for signatures to its petition hereย PBBM and DENR Sec Toni: Stop BuCor in Masungi! #HandsOffMasungi | BATARIS.

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