‘Revival of hope’: Ben&Ben releases new song with city pop, electric beats

June 30, 2023 - 6:42 PM
Poster of acclaimed band Ben&Ben for their new single "Could Be Something" released on June 30, 2023 (Released)

Acclaimed band Ben&Ben entered a new era in their career with a song about turning doubt into belief.

The nine-piece dropped their song “Could Be Something” and a video performance of it on streaming platforms on Friday, June 30.

Ben&Ben also released the lyrics of this single on its social media accounts.

“We hope this song helps you grow, as it has helped us grow too,” the band said.

In a statement, Ben&Ben shared that “Could Be Something” talks about the overlooked phase before a person takes the leap of faith.

It expresses the relatable moments of overthinking and over-processing things before the jump.

“Could Be Something is a song about turning doubt into belief,” the group said.

“It’s the revival of hope after being caught in a very cynical place. It’s the feeling you get after meeting someone who unexplainably makes you believe in love again, or finding a new passion that sparks life in you,” they added.

In an interview, Paolo Benjamin, one of the vocalists, also recalled the time they got the idea for this song.

He shared that it was a message from a fan who came up to him and Miguel to thank them for believing in love again. They were eating at a place in Makati City when this happened.

“Dati hindi ako naniniwala sa pag-ibig pero napaniwala niyo ko sa pag-ibig,” Paolo quoted this fan. Ben&Ben’s fandom is called Liwanag.

The fan’s message became a light bulb moment for them.

“It’s so rare to talk about yung point na nag give up ka na pero may nagpaniwala ulit sayo na possible pala mga magagandang bagay and possible palang umibig ulit,” Paolo said.

Keifer Cabugao, the violinist, also explained that the band enjoys writing songs about topics that people do not usually talk about.

“We enjoy relating and connecting with people. Since that’s one of our joys, we love creating music that, you know, talks about our lives basically,” Keifer said.

“We love writing songs na yung mga topics na actually di napag uusapan lagi,” he added.

Aside from Paolo and Keifer, the rest of the members are Miguel, Patricia Lasaten, Agnes Reoma, Jam Villanueva, Poch Barretto, Andrew de Pano and Toni Muñoz.

For this song, the members worked with Timothy Run and Sam Marquez to create a different sound while still retaining the Ben&Ben personality.

“We wanted the instrumentation and production to capture a more mature kind of hope, so we used slightly darker chords, coupled with tight rhythms, to bring out a unique kind of catharsis for the listener, for our Liwanag,” the group said.

“Together with our co-producers, we built the soundscapes to reflect a lush, yet tighter than ever sound for the band,” they added.

Ben&Ben will debut “Could Be Something” to their international fans for the first time as they embark on a world tour.

So far, it was revealed that they will kick off the tour in London, England. They will also stage concerts in Los Angeles, Toronto, Sydney and Dubai.