Gateway Mall 2 is your newest hangout spot. Here’s why

August 18, 2023 - 5:49 PM
Gateway Mall 2
Lighted escalators of Gateway Mall 2; The Lagoon inside Gateway Mall 2 (Interkasyon/Jeline Malasig)

Who says that malls are just for shopping?

The new lifestyle destination of Araneta City proves that the expansion of its flagship mall goes beyond the usual shop-and-go concept.

Araneta Group has expanded its multi-awarded Gateway Mall in Quezon City with the new Gateway Mall 2 or Gateway 2, an eight-level commercial center with over 400 outlets in fashion, entertainment, recreation, health, and gadgets.

Gateway Mall 2 also aims to become an ultimate food destination as it has over 150 dining options, including choices for quick bites, family fare, traditional comfort food, concept restaurants, regional cuisine, and bars and lounges.

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“The new Gateway Mall 2 promises to be like no other mall in the world. This is the latest in our ongoing efforts to keep providing more memorable firsts in the City of Firsts,” Lorna Fabian, vice president for leasing of the Araneta Group, said.

Apart from shopping, the new mall additionally seeks to become the ultimate lifestyle destination for urbanites in the area with its various leisure and entertainment features and offerings.

Here are some of them:

The Lagoon 

The Lagoon is an indoor oasis that aims to provide a relaxing ambiance to mallgoers amid the hustle and bustle of shopping.

Columns and other structures surrounding the area have foliage decoration to relax the eyes, while the mellow sound of running waters induces feelings of deep relaxation.

The Lagoon’s ceiling is likewise designed to fit its nature-inspired theme.

Quantum Skyview 

The Quantum Skyview is the first-of-its-kind LED-powered ceiling that offers visitors a captivating visual experience where they can enjoy trailers and other spectacles through its state-of-the-art display.

The 700-square-meter installment is a pioneering ceiling mesh LED screen with a customized wave shape to give the public an immersive visual phenomenon right above the mall’s Upper Ground B level.

The Quantum Skyview is an ideal display to amplify each event and make it more memorable for the attendees. These include car shows, celebrity meet-and-greets, and other performances where the LED ceiling can enhance one’s sensory experience.

Sensory Garden 

Apart from the Lagoon, Gateway Mall 2 also offers another pocket of nature outdoors where urbanites can take in the fresh air and enjoy unhampered views of the sky.

The Sensory Garden is a space for quietude, meditation, and relaxation which will be filled with water elements and aromatic and herbal plants that deliver a calming natural fragrance.

The landscaped deck aims to be a respite from people’s frenetic days as they take in authentic nature in the middle of the urban jungle.

Culinary Garden 

For those with discriminative palates, they can redefine dining out by customizing their meals and enjoying them fresh from the ground.

The Culinary Garden offers diners a one-of-a-kind modern farm-to-table experience where herbs can be grown and then served on their plates for amplified gourmet delight.

Sagrada Familia Church 

A 1,000-seater airconditioned church is also situated on the roof deck, in the same area as the Sensory Garden.

The Sagrada Familia Church features a high ceiling and a modern interpretation of church glass windows which invite natural light for a soothing environment that is truly a homage to quiet.

Pop District Center 

The Pop District Center is the first in-mall venue that will be exclusively dedicated to pop culture, especially K-pop and P-pop fans.

It is where they can go for meetups and cultivate a close-knit community over snacks and other food delights.

Other potential hangout spots include the Paeng’s Gateway Bowl for sports enthusiasts and the 18-cinema Cineplex which boasts plush seats and ample legroom for moviegoers.

The new lifestyle center will be fully opened to the public by September, although some shops and dining choices are already fully operational like Pizza Hut, Subway, Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory, Caramia, Sunnies Studio, Puma, and Skechers, among others.

Gateway Mall 2 is within the 400,000-square-meter mixed-used Gateway Square superblock that includes Gateway Mall, Gateway Tower, Novotel Manila, Smart Araneta Coliseum, and the Gateway Office.