Want to have a Valentine’s date with rescue pets? Here’s how.

February 13, 2024 - 9:35 AM
PAWS Furst Date
Clips from the FURst Date activity of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society as posted on its Facebook on Feb. 12, 2024 (pawsphilippines/Facebook)

An animal shelter is initiating a special Valentine’s date for its rescued animals who have never been chosen for adoption and those who are not yet ready for a new home.

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society or PAWS is inviting the public, especially individuals who have a soft spot for animals, to make the Day of Hearts meaningful for their rescue cats and dogs until February 17.

The non-profit organization said that they could book a Valentine’s date for 30 minutes with either those in the “Pinakilig Pero Hindi Pinili” Club or those in the “Hindi Pa Ready Mag-Commit” Club.

Called the “PAWS FURst Date,” the initiative is a fundraising event for its over 200 rescued animals at the shelter. It also seeks to help their shelter cats and dogs find permanent homes.

The org said that even though some are not looking for a new pet, they may still join the activity to help raise funds for the rescues.

According to PAWS, their rescues under the “Pinakilig Pero Hindi Pinili” Club are those who “are almost always shortlisted for adoption but are never the ‘chosen one.'”

“They’re the perfect companions, and yet they are always put on the back burner. Hence, they are joining FURst Date 2024 with hopes of finding that special someone who will finally make them their number one priority,” the org said.

“Choose a date from this roster of ‘Pinakilig Pero Hindi Pinili’ and find out how it feels to be chosen by a rescued animal because we guarantee that these cats and dogs looking for love will always choose you,” it added.

Meanwhile, rescues in their “Hindi Pa Ready Mag-Commit” Club are cats and dogs who may not be ready for adoption yet, but can be treated for a Valentine’s date.

PAWS said that some of them are still recovering from injuries, have behavioral problems or only trust their volunteer handlers.

The org added that animal lovers can sponsor a rescue to go on a date with their volunteers.

“On a sponsored FURst date, a shelter animal that is not yet ready to be introduced to the public will be paired up with a volunteer to go on a date on your behalf,” it said.

“We will also be sending sponsors exclusive footage of how well the day went for your chosen animal,” PAWS added.

The PAWS FURst Date is happening until February 17 at the PAWS Shelter in Aurora Boulevard corner Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City from 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Those interested may book a slot through this link.

PAWS is a 70-year-old non-profit org dedicated to the protection and promotion of humane treatment of all animals.

It is a volunteer-based animal shelter that actively campaigns against animal cruelty and pet neglect, including activities like dogfights and horse fights and the use of wild animals for entertainment.