Are the singers of Robredo campaign song ‘Rosas’ in a relationship?

May 17, 2022 - 5:17 PM
This April 2022 photo shows Nica Del Rosario and Gab Pangilinan (Team Kiko / Raph via Gab Pangilinan/Twitter)

CLAIM: Theater actress-singer Gab Pangilinan is in a relationship with “Rosas” singer Nica del Rosario.

A YouTuber claimed that Nica is dating Sen. Kiko Pangilinan‘s niece after Gab uploaded video of a new version of the campaign song of Vice President Leni Robredo and the senator in the 2022 elections.

The new version of “Rosas” features a new verse and pre-chorus.

“There are no words. Alam ko lang sa ngayon, nasaan ka man, alamin mong hindi ka nag-iisa. Yakap sa lahat,” Gab wrote in the video description.

“Rosas” is one of the popular campaign anthems of Robredo’s people’s campaign.

It was written by Nica from the vice president’s perspective. The song is about committing to making Filipinos proud of their country. Its title is inspired by Robredo’s campaign color, which is pink.

Meanwhile, a YouTuber dropped a comment on the video that reads: “Alam nyo [sic] ba guys tomboy si Nica jowa nya [sic] si Gab.”

(Screengrab by Interaksyon from YouTube)

RATING: This is false.


Nica, who was one of the songwriters for Sarah Geronimo’s “Tala,” is in a relationship with actress-host Justine Peña.

The two, along with fellow artist, Jeli Matero, are also behind another campaign song “Kay Leni Tayo.”

Meanwhile, Gab is dating theater actor and singer Myke Salomon.

Nica noticed the false comment of the YouTuber and apologized to her song collaborator.

“No to disinformation (melting face emoji). Sorry
@gabpangilinan, nadamay ka pa HAHAHAHAHAHHA,” she tweeted.

Nica’s post has earned 12,200 likes as of this writing.

“Labyu AHAHAHAH PERO MAS LAB MO SI @jus_pena hihihi labyu boat!” Gab responded, tagging Justine.

“Ahahahahaha labyu @gabpangilinan in a very respectful, platonic way,” Justine chimed in.

Gab also quote tweeted Nica and questioned people’s affinity for spreading “fake news.”

“Bakit ba ang hilig ng mga tao magkalat ng fake news,” she wrote with a smiling-face-with-tear emoji.

The YouTuber who dropped the comment was also schooled by other Filipinos who said that “there’s nothing wrong with being part of the LGBTQ+ community.”

“It doesn’t stop anyone from making music,” the Filipino said.

“Wala hong masama sa pagiging tomboy, saka hindi ko si Gab ang jowa niya,” another YouTuber wrote to the commenter.

Why it matters 

The false comment, which garnered likes on YouTube, spreads misinformation as Nica and Gab are not dating each other.

It also sows rumors and intrigues that affect the two artists’ respective partners and their own social circles.

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