BDO flags manipulated posts using news orgs’ name, logo to report false info

August 18, 2023 - 4:34 PM
BDO_fake posts
Fake article reporting false info about BDO and using The Manila Times' logo, name; Fake post reporting false info about BDO and using CNN Philippines' logo, name (BDOUnibank/Facebook)

A universal bank warned its clients about manipulated posts using the name of news organizations to report fake developments involving the bank.

BDO Unionbank on Wednesday, August 16 alerted Filipinos that a fake post using the name and logo of CNN Philippines is not legitimate.


The SM-owned bank said that the post is not a legitimate BDO news.

“The video is FAKE and FABRICATED along with CNN Philippines’ logo,” it added.

CNN Philippines also denied releasing such a post.

“FAKE NEWS. CNN Philippines is not associated with this Facebook post spreading disinformation. We did not report about BDO Unibank announcing a new digital platform for Filipinos,” it said on its Facebook page.

“The CNN Philippines brand equates to accurate, fair and balanced reporting. We vigorously pursue these journalistic traits in our content,” the news outlet added.

BDO also flagged a fake article using The Manila Times‘ name and logo to supposedly report about the bank opening a “new platform” where Filipinos can allegedly “earn extra money.”

The bank posted a screenshot of the article on its Facebook page and encircled the website URL, which did not reflect The Manila Times’ actual URL.

The URL of the fake article was “”

“This is NOT legitimate BDO news. The article is FAKE and it used a FABRICATED website of Manila Times. Be smarter than a scammer with #BDOStopScam,” the bank said in another Facebook post.

The bank advised its clients to be extra vigilant by double-checking everything they receive or come across which claims to be from BDO.

It also reminded people to only follow its verified accounts on Facebook and Viber and to go to its official website.

BDO clients can also check its #BDOStopScam webpage to learn tips and be informed about advisories from the bank.