You can now ride with your pet via Grab’s new in-app service

July 20, 2019 - 8:35 PM
Dog in a car
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Owners of certain types of pets can now take Grab cars through its recently launched service within the app that allows animals to be transported following LTFRB’s memorandum circular.

Grab Philippines has added special services in its transportation option where passengers with pets can ride the vehicle under GrabPets, a move in compliance with the LTFRB’s Memorandum Circular 2019-019.

GrabPets accepts dogs, cats, turtles, hamsters, rabbits and fish as passengers, provided they are accompanied by a human. Each animal is required to be transported with fulfillment to specific conditions:

  • Dogs: Leashed or crated with a muzzle
  • Cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters: Crated
  • Fish: Sealed in a bag or in a closed fish tank
  • Turtles: Brought in a closed container

The TNVS firm will provide pet kennels, waterproof cargo liners and pet barriers for vehicles under the GrabPet service but passengers are expected to muzzle or leash their own pets.

They are also expected to be fully responsible for loading and unloading the animals in the vehicle, as well as make sure it does not cause “concern or risk” to the driver.

Only one large pet or two medium pets can ride the provided units, accompanied by a maximum of 4 persons.

Pets infected with fleas or parasites are not allowed to ride.

Meanwhile, several pet-centered Facebook pages have already caught wind of the development, as well as social media users.

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GrabPet is now available in the Philippines #GrabPH #GrabPet #Grab

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GrabPet was first launched in Singapore last February with the aim of fulfilling the needs of its users who find it challenging to travel with pets.

According to Lim Kell Jay, head of Grab Singapore, it is the firm’s way to cope with “limited transportation options available in the market.”

“The needs of our users, no matter how niche, are important to us. We’re very excited to launch GrabPet because we know that many pet owners find it challenging to travel with their pets, given the limited transportation options available in the market,” he said before.

The Philippines’ LTFRB in April released a memorandum that allowed pets to ride public utility vehicles, provided certain conditions are fulfilled:

  • The animals are in carriers/cages and placed at the designated animal compartment of the PUV should there be other passengers inside the PUV.
  • Safety, convenience and comfort of the passengers are not in any way sacrificed.
  • Owners take responsibility for the damage that the pet may cause, including the cleaning and sanitation of the PUV, as may be necessary.