BDO releases advisory to iPhone users after iOS 14 update triggered tech issues

September 17, 2020 - 7:45 PM
Image by Szabo Viktor (@vmxhu) via Unsplash

A large banking firm released an advisory after its clients who updated their iPhones to the latest software update, iOS 14, were unable to access the bank’s mobile app.

Banco de Oro in an inbox message to its customers on Thursday afternoon addressed the issue and apologized for their app’s temporary unavailability following the release of the latest iPhone software. It reads:

To our customers who recently updated their iPhones to the new iOS 14: 

You may experience issues launching the BDO Digital Banking app. We apologize for this inconvenience and our teams are working on updating our app to be fully supported on iOS 14. 

In the meantime, you may access your Digital Banking account online via Android users are not affected. 

Thank you for your patience. 

Some clients of the banking firm who are iPhone users have updated to the latest software, iOS 14, released Thursday.

However, some reported that after the update, instead of being directed to the app’s log-in page, they received a notice that reads:

Users of BDO’s mobile banking app receive an advisory after updating their iPhones to iOS 14. (Screenshot by Interaksyon)

Some of those who experienced the same technical issue include GMA Palace correspondent Joseph Morong.

“To those who are planning to update to iOS 14 and is also using BDO Mobile App very often, I suggest you weigh your priorities first. It seems that BDO has still no support on iOS 14 yet. Hoping to get an app update soon,” wrote another Twitter user.

“FOR THOSE THINKING ABOUT UPDATING TO iOS 14: BDO App still doesn’t work on the iOS 14 official release. So update at your own risk!” a Filipino likewise exclaimed.

The latest iOS update introduces widgets that can be displayed to the home screen and help users prioritize their apps based on their lifestyles and preference.

iOS 14 also gives them the chance to gauge how an app uses and obtains data for transparency purposes.

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iPhone users were previously warned against immediately updating to the latest software since developers reportedly only had a day’s notice to update their apps. It was supposed to be one full week, as was the case with previous updates.

“Having this preparation period, even as short as a week, is what helps minimize any such issue with every yearly update to iOS,” developer Steve Troughton-Smith was quoted as saying by CNET.

“Nobody’s at their best when rushing to meet an unexpected deadline, and that in itself can introduce all kinds of silly mistakes and bugs,” he added.

Troughton-Smith advised iPhone users to delay updating their software to iOS 14 and give it a week or two after its release.