Home decluttering 101: Facebook groups where you can donate, receive unused items from strangers

May 28, 2021 - 7:20 PM
Image by @sweetpagesco via Unsplash

In need of a major decluttering?

A number of Facebook groups are letting Filipinos give away their unused items and belongings to others who can still benefit from it, countering the “budol” culture popularized by online shopping.

Twitter user @angelicaaira on Wednesday shared a certain group that allows its members to post items that they are thinking of giving away instead of throwing them or letting them gather dust.

“You can post items you’re giving away for free or comment and take items someone else is giving away for free too. Perfect if you’re decluttering and want to give it away to someone in need,” she wrote, adding screenshots of the group for reference.

Her tweet has so far earned more than 2,800 likes as of this writing.

“Parang community pantry,” a Twitter user commented to her post.

The “Buy Nothing PH” group is the latest of its kind to be created on the social networking platform.

It is where Filipinos can give away their preloved items to be used and enjoyed by others without charge.

Another one created this year is “Anything to Declutter PH,” which has similar mechanics to “Buy Nothing.”

A different community, the “Really Really Free Market Manila,” also banks on the concept and describes itself as a group that is “in support of a gift economy” wherein used (and unused) items are given away for free.

It has other versions as well, such as “Really Really Free Market Antipolo,” “Really Really Free Market PaMaRiSan,” “Really Really Free Market Quezon City,” and “Really Really Free Market (Fairview/Novaliches) QC,” among others.

Another group advocates for the practice with the purpose of reducing trash that are sent to landfills.

In “Buhay Zero-Waste Preloved,” Filipinos are encouraged to support a zero-waste living by giving away their items instead of throwing them in the garbage.

Meanwhile, a different group called “Declutter Manila” lets people declutter their homes while earning at the the same time.