Garments for sale: Online seller draws laughs for advertising clothes with headless model

July 23, 2021 - 6:35 PM
Headless models
Clothes for sale as posted by Facebook user Roselyn Cayetano on Facebook group "TOWERVILLE GAYA-GAYA NEIGHBORHOOD." (Photos from Facebook/Roselyn Cayetano)

A Facebook post featuring articles of clothing that are for sale caught the local online community’s attention for editing out the model’s head and the lower half of the body in the posts.

Facebook user Roselyn Cayetano on Monday shared pictures of women’s clothes which she said she was selling at P70 to P100.

She also shared the Facebook link of the page “Vintage” which featured more clothes for sale, as well as its Instagram counterpart “Vintago.”

Photos of the clothes featured the arms of the model but her head and legs were edited out.

Facebook group screengrab
Screengrab from Facebook group “TOWERVILLE GAYA-GAYA NEIGHBORHOOD” by Interaksyon.

The seller’s post has earned a whopping number of 34,000 pure laughing reactions as of this writing.

It has also earned 37,000 shares.

Some were amused while others admitted to being freaked out by the seemingly headless figures.

“NATAKOT AKO. Sana sinama mo na lang sis (‘yung) ulo. Ta’s takip emoji na lang,” a Facebook user commented with a grinning-face-with-sweat emoji.

“Hala, kala ko namalikmata lang ako sa nakita ko, kinilabutan ako,” another online user wrote.

“Nilagyan na lang po sana emoji ‘yung ulo, nakakatakot po kasi e,” a different Filipino commented.

A Facebook user attempted to make it less “creepier” by editing it and added the head of a Disney fictional character.

“Inedit ko na po ‘yung isa para ‘di creepy, ang cute, bagay na bagay kay Minnie Mouse. Baka po may want kayo ipa-edit pa sa damit na naka-post at sino gusto niyo palagay,” she wrote with a series of laughing-with-tears emojis.

Facebook comment screengrab
Screengrab of a comment from Facebook group “TOWERVILLE GAYA-GAYA NEIGHBORHOOD” by Interaksyon.

In local online selling of apparel, some hide the model’s face to bring more attention to the clothes they are offering. Others do this by putting enlarged emojis or stickers in the place of the head.

In physical stores, faceless mannequins are used as models.

Having faceless models allows the potential buyer to shift his or her full attention to the item of clothing instead.