Hidilyn Diaz wrote children’s book ‘Ginto’t Pilak’ you may not know about

July 28, 2021 - 4:14 PM
A photo of children's book titled "Ginto't Pilak" written by Hidilyn Diaz and Eugene Evasco (Facebook/Hidilyn Diaz)

Olympic champion Hidilyn Diaz released a children’s book last year about her journey in weightlifting.

Anvil Publishing which published the book titled “Ginto’t Pilak” promoted it again in its congratulatory post following her win.

Diaz co-wrote the book with Eugene Evasco.

“Congratulations to our ‘Ginto’t Pilak’ author, Hidilyn Diaz! First gold for the Philippines! We are so proud of you!” read the post.

In one of the publishing house’s post, a passage from Diaz’ book was quoted:

“Pinaghirapan at pinaghandaan kong maging isang Olympian. Tatlong beses akong naqualify at lumahok sa magkakasunod na Olympics bago ko nakuha ang mailap na pilak na medalya sa 2016 Rio Olympics. Hindi ako sumuko.”

The book follows her journey to her silver medal win at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil prior to her Olympic gold victory.

Diaz’ supporters also encouraged others to buy her book.

“Good read for kids (especially girls) as it teaches them the value of not giving up and fighting for their dreams,” one social media user wrote.

“Para sa inyong kaalamam, Miss @diaz_hidilyn’s story is published as a children’s book and it’s available on Shopee! A wonderful gift for young girls and boys,” another wrote.

Diaz lifted a record-breaking total weight of 224 kilograms at the weightlifting event of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics on Monday, July 26.

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To inspire the youth

Diaz had said she hoped the children’s book will inspire the younger generation.

“This book is the story of my life to inspire the younger generation to dream high and tell them to reach their dream but they have to work hard because there is no instant in life…

“I hope you will get inspired by this book especially right now we are in pandemic, we need inspiration, hope, and care.”

As she was training for the Rio Olympics in 2016, she had the youth in mind.

“I wanted to build a weightlifting gym for them, I built it, but what I want is to give them the inspiration to continue with their dream in weightlifting. I came from nothing to eventually becoming a silver medalist. We never know, one of these kids might be the next gold medalist.”

She said she has always wanted to inspire future weightlifters and athletes.

“This is my advocacy, to spread awareness of weightlifting and to find the next athlete who will be better than I ever was. I thank God for giving me this mission in life and for giving me wisdom to continue my dream despite the trials and challenges I’ve endured.”