#JusticeForMaguadSiblings: Calls for justice mount for siblings slain in North Cotabato

December 14, 2021 - 6:08 PM
Crime scene tape
Photo by kat wilcox from Pexels

Calls for justice were raised online after the reported brutal killing of two siblings in broad daylight in North Cotabato last week.

Crizzlle Gwynn Maguad, 18, and her 16-year-old brother were found stabbed and beaten to death inside their house in Barangay Bagontapay, M’lang around 2 p.m. on December 10.

Pieces of broken bottles, a knife, a hammer and a baseball bat were also reportedly found near their bodies.

Their visiting cousin, a minor, managed to hide in a small room and lock herself after a commotion ensued between her cousins and the attackers.

Major Realan Mamon, the town police chief, said that the cousin was able to call for help on Facebook.

The cousin reportedly said that unidentified men entered the house and then stabbed and beat the victims.

Another report said that Crizzlle and her cousin were answering their learning modules when they heard Crizzlle’s brother scream in the living room.

They went to the area and saw him being stabbed while pleading for mercy.

Crizzlle was then attacked while her cousin managed to lock herself in a room.

The police is looking at the possibility of robbery as a motive since the cabinets were opened and personal belongings were found scattered in the house.

Mamon said that the crime was most likely committed by three suspects who possibly knew that the victims’ parents were out at that time.

One of their parents is a school principal in Buayan Elementary School in the same province.

Mamon said that the cousin is already under the care of the municipal social welfare office.

The town council with M’lang Vice Mayor Joselito Piñol as presiding officer, and Mayor Pip Limbungan of the adjacent Tulunan town, offered a reward of P200,000 and P50,000, respectively, to those who have information about the suspects.

A special investigation task group was also formed to investigate the siblings’ case.

Four days after the reported killings, the hashtag “#JusticeForMaguadSiblings” entered local Twitter’s top trending list to raise awareness about the alleged murder.

“Some crimes need to be ‘viral’ not so that curious people would know the gruesome details, but to get responsible people to act and do their best to achieve justice. #JusticeForMaguadSiblings,” a Twitter user said on Tuesday.

“Please talk about and spread the tweets regarding the Maguad siblings murder case. Spread awareness and give them the justice they deserve. #JusticeforMaguadSiblings,” another online user said.

“I am pleading to anyone who sees this to make noise about the situation of Maguad Siblings. Days had passed but there were no media coverage. Give [these] two young people the justice they need! #JusticeforMaguadSiblings,” a different Filipino tweeted.