Viral mini karaoke inside jeepney draws mixed reactions. Here’s why.

January 27, 2022 - 6:18 PM
A photo of a karaoke microphone via Pixabay

The viral karaoke session inside a jeepney in Manila earned cheers and jeers online.

A video of this session was reportedly uploaded by Scarlet Natividad and has since went viral.

In a report of The STAR, Natividad said that she and her friends happened to board the jeepney with a mini karaoke equipment.

She said that the jeepney has a microphone, a mobile phone and a Bluetooth speaker.

When the driver offered them to sing, one of her friends named Niks immediately grabbed the opportunity.

Her friend sang karaoke staples “Sayang na Sayang” by Aegis and “Alone” by Heart as the jeepney plied along the streets of Manila.

In the interview, Natividad shared that the passengers enjoyed her friend’s performance.

“Wala pong ‘KJ’ sa ibang passengers since halos magkaka-age po kami. Sila pa nga po nag-request ng next song na ‘Alone’ by Heart. Kaya tuloy-tuloy lang kumanta si Niks,” she was quoted in the report as saying.

“Naging masaya ang mga kasama naming commuters sa jeep dahil natanggal din ang stress nila sa pagsabay sa awitin,” Natividad added.

The karaoke session was originally uploaded on Natividad’s account last January 4.

When the Philippine Star picked it up, the karaoke session also caught attention on Facebook.

In the comments section, some social media users poked fun at what would happen if they boarded this jeepney.

“Yung tipong hindi ka pa papara kasi yung kanta mo wala pa,” a Facebook user quipped.

“Yung gusto mong pumara kaso di ka narinig ng driver kaya sa kabilang overpass ka na nakababa,” another online user said.

Others also gave a thumbs up to the driver who thought of the idea of having a karaoke in his jeepney.

“Wow it is a good idea hindi ma mabored ang mga pasahero in case of sobrang traffic good job,” a Facebook said.

This video was also posted on the online forum r/Philippines.

Some Reddit users expressed worry over the risk of COVID-19 transmission among passengers of the jeepney.

“Would be awesome kung walang COVID,” a Reddit user said.

“Yeah, people seem to forget that there is still a chance to spread the virus even if you’re wearing a facemask. Sigh,” another Reddit user commented.

Several health experts including the World Health Organization already said COVID-19 can be spread through the air as it is “airborne.”

Meanwhile, some online users disapproved the idea of having karaoke session inside jeepneys, citing displeasure over loud music while taking public transport.

“As someone who hates loud music and noises, this is my hell. Just let me get to my destination in peace. Nakaka-bwisit rin yung magbabayad ka tapos hindi ka marinig sa sobrang lakas ng tugtog,” one user said.

The viral video of the mini karaoke session has earned over 787,000 views on Facebook, as of writing.