Tweeting this Filipino phrase will launch a special Lunar New Year emoji

February 1, 2022 - 1:46 PM
Image by Brett Jordan via Pexels

Did you know that tweeting a certain Filipino phrase can launch the special emoji for Lunar New Year on Twitter?

Twitter Philippines is one in celebrating the Year of the Water Tiger this 2022 with its exclusive tiger emoji which will appear alongside posts about the Lunar New Year.

A close-up look of the emoji features the animal on a red-and-orange backdrop.

Red is the de facto Lunar New Year color, while orange is a hue associated with tigers which have the same coat color.

Some hashtags that will prompt the special emoji to appear are the following:


Tweeting the hashtag “#MaligayangBagongTaon” will also launch the tiger emoji on the microblogging platform.

“From awkward conversations with our relatives, to taking a vote on whether that extra piece of pineapple tart is worth the calories, Twitter is where we find out what’s happening this Lunar New Year,” the platform said in a release.