‘Sana all’: Ben&Ben fans’ humorous reactions to ‘Paninindigan Kita’ single art

May 3, 2022 - 4:28 PM
Composite photo of Patricia Lasaten and Agnes Reoma from Ben and Ben, and the artwork inspired by them (Facebook/Ben&Ben)

Ben&Ben released a short video clip on how the cover art for their new song “Paninindigan Kita” was formed.

The new single, along with its official lyric video, was released on Spotify on May 1. It is now available on all digital streaming platforms via Sony Music Philippines.

The phrase “Paninindigan Kita” translates to “standing by you” or “fighting for you” in English.

Ben&Ben had been teasing about this much-awaited song to its fans, collectively called “Liwanag,” in the past few days.

They even launched an online challenge where their fans will complete the line “panindigan kita @____.”

The folk indie group’s Facebook page posted a collage of screenshots of their favorite responses.

On release day, Ben&Ben announced the now-popular single art was inspired by two of their members, couple Patricia Lasaten or Pat and Agnes Reoma.

The artwork was made by Isobel Funk.

“Yep, si Pat and Agnes (aming keyboardist and bassist) yung inspiration ng ‘Paninindigan Kita’ single art (blushing emoji)(pride flag emoji),” Ben&Ben said.

The group also included sweet photos of the two where they posed in the same way as the women in the artwork.

The post has so far garnered 190,000 reactions, 4,600 comments and 25,000 shares.

To further provide a sense of excitement or “kilig” to their fans, Ben&Ben later posted a TikTok video wherein Pat and Agnes imitated the poses in the artwork.

“Naol pinanindigan for today’s videow,” Ben&Ben quipped.

This post also reached many of their fans on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram.

The Facebook post alone garnered 79,000 reactions, 2,100 comments and 607,000 views.

The comments section was also filled with humorous remarks about being hurt while listening to the song.

“Paano naman kaming hindi pinanindigan Ben&Ben,” one Facebook user asked.

“Wala namang ganyanan po umagang umaga,” another user Facebook  commented.

Some also dropped the wishful “sana all” expressions in their comments.

“Mapapa sanaol ka na lang talaga,” another Facebook user said.

Some fans left messages of gratitude for the representation they feel for the members of the LGBT community.

“Thank you for supporting our community,” one Facebook user said.

It’s about a fearless type of love

In a statement, Ben&Ben shared that “Paninindigan Kita” is a heartfelt song about fighting for someone despite the disapproval from the people around.

“It is also an ode to a lover that might be hesitant to take a step forward in the relationship. It’s a heartfelt song that gives a balance between understanding where the lover is coming from, and a gentle reassurance that the one singing the song is ready and sure, after learning a lot so far about life and love,” they said.

The song is also the first one they recorded in an actual music studio since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

The last time was during the recording of their multiplatinum album “Limasawa Street” in 2019.