Chel Diokno among ‘descendants of the sons of Katipunan’

July 6, 2022 - 11:52 AM
Chel Diokno and Ananias Diokno
Lawyer Chel Diokno in this photo uploaded on his Facebook page on May 28, 2022 (left) and NHCP historical marker for the surrender of General Ananias Diokno credited to the National Historical Commission of the Philippines via Wikimedia Commons (right).

Did you know that veteran rights lawyer Chel Diokno is one of the heirs of one of the Katipuneros?

The National Historical Commission of the Philippines is inviting Filipinos to commemorate the 130th anniversary of the establishment of Katipunan with descendants of revolutionaries.

A webinar titled “Descendants of the Sons of Katipunan” will be livestreamed on the Facebook page of the NHCP Museo ng Katipunan on July 7, 10 a.m. for the occasion.

Among the descendants featured is Diokno, who is related to General Ananias Diokno.

A Batangas-oriented website said that Ananias was the “Taal-born general recognized as the only Tagalog to lead a military expedition to the Visayas during the Philippine Revolution.”

The website said he was one of Emilio Aguinaldo‘s “most trusted generals.”

Ananias was born on Jan. 22, 1860 in Taal to Angel Diokno and Andrea Noblejas.

In 1985, he and Felipe Agoncillo were prosecuted by authorities “for obstruction of the functions of government.” The latter was Aguinaldo’s friend and was active in the underground movement against Spanish colonial rule.

The trial did not succeed and Ananias was named Secretary of War by the regional government of Batangas.

He then became the commanding general of a military group called “Batallon Malaya.”

Ananias would later on become a guerilla fighter against the Americans.

He is the younger Diokno’s great grandfather.