‘We are victims too’: Colegio de San Lorenzo closure affects around 100 employees

August 25, 2022 - 4:06 PM
This picture shows the facade of Colegio de San Lorenzo in Quezon City (Google Images/Screenshot)

The sudden closure of Colegio de San Lorenzo (CDSL) in Quezon City last week left around 100 teaching and non-teaching staff jobless.

Last Monday, CDSL made headlines after it announced permanent closure after 35 years,  due to financial instability and lack of economic viability due to the pandemic and low turnout of enrollees. This left students and employees in shock.

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“Just to be clear – we are victims too,” Jomari Reyes, CDSL college instructor, said in a Facebook post last August 15. 

“All faculty, all staff, all offices were hung out to dry. In short, iniwan sa ere,” she added.

A few days before the closure announcement, Reyes shared that the faculty members were scheduled to have a recollection, which was later suspended. 

According to Reyes, a college executive director told them that the activity for that day, including upcoming activities, and the start of classes, were all suspended. 

The director’s words left the faculty confused.

Later that day, they did not receive any explanation. Reyes said they were just informed that a lawyer would come the following week to explain. 

“No words can describe how we’re feeling. Pero paano pa kaya ang mga students who were supposed to have their first day of classes today?” Reyes said. 

“Kung pwede lang, gusto namin magturo ni Bri para lang maipagtapos ang graduating batch kahit libre. Pero it’s much more complicated than that,” the college instructor added, demanding accountability from the school.

At a press briefing on Wednesday, CDSL spokesperson, lawyer Vixen Dorado, said they are helping the affected employees find a job while coordinating with the Department of Labor and Employment

Dorado said they are giving their employees “more than what the law mandates because we treat these people as family members.”

“We do not treat these employees just as your employees and human resources. We treat them as family, hence these things,” Dorado added.

In a Facebook post, CDSL announced that their employees are scheduled to have a meeting on Thursday, August 25, with the labor department.

According to the Quezon City government, the affected employees will be endorsed to the QC – Public Employment Service Office for possible financial assistance or prospective employment.

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