‘Major SOS status’: Animal rescue group calls for donation for 600 rescued animals

September 2, 2022 - 1:55 PM
This composite photo shows rescued dogs and animals confined at a veterinary clinic. (PAWSsion Project/Facebook)

Non-profit organization Pawssion Project appealed for donations for new rescued pets and dogs from the pound.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, the organization said that its team put on hold its rescue operations because of their depleting resources and funds. It cited that the organization needs to provide for the needs of 600 rescued animals.

“As much as we want to help, we need to help our own rescues now and focus on our shelter needs… (broken heart emoji). We just hope that people will understand why we have to say no,” Pawssion Project said.

“Hindi po biro ang mag-sustain ng two shelters and 600 Rescues. Yan po ang realidad namin. We also have 10 cats now confined and we recently just took in 50+ from the pound,” it added.

In a separate post on August 31, the NGO is on a “major SOS status” because several of their new rescued animals are confined at the veterinary clinic, thus incurring additional expenses.

“We are currently on a major SOS status as a number of the rescues are currently confined at the vet, one of the new pound rescues tested positive for distemper which means all the new pound rescues and even the ones left at the pound need extra help which also means added expenses, some new rescues still confined and the need for supplies just almost doubled as well,” it said.

Pawssion Project also accompanied its appeal for donation with graphics about its situation. The group shared how it is rehabilitating, vaccinating and taking care of all the rescued dogs and cats at its shelters.

“We continuously fight silent battles for the voiceless but here we are now being vocal about our major need for help and rescue. Help us continue the work we do. Donate, volunteer or adopt,” it said.

Details about its donation channels are provided on the post.

The organization also listed in-kind donations for the pets’ needs. These include dog and cat food, vegetables, and a sack of rice.

Samantha Sotto, author of “Before Ever After,” saw this call for help and asked her followers to consider donating to the shelter.

Grateful for the help

Pawssion Project said that it is grateful for all the help the organization received.

Unfortunately, the help received are not yet enough amid the increasing vet bills for the new rescues.

“We had to reallocate funds raised from Pawchella to the increasing vet bills so the main hall construction and spay and neuter drives have to be pushed back for now,” the org said.

“We will also need to hire more manpower as the number of rescues significantly increased which means payroll alone will be at least 200,000 already per month. We need everyone’s help more than ever,” it added.

The rescuers stressed that Pawssion Project is a non-profit organization. Therefore, it is not receiving any government or corporate funding.

“Again, we are strictly putting on hold rescue operations as we manage the needs of our own rescues, the supplies for the strays we continue to feed, payroll for all the caretakers and other operational expenses. Again, we are a non-profit organization with no government or corporate funding,” it said.

Pawssion Project previously held a benefit music festival called “Pawchella”, a Coachella for pets, in line with the International Homeless Animals Day on August 20.

The events were graced by artists and celebrities including Orange and LemonsBINISUD, Mimiyuuuh and Karen Ibasco.

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