‘Hotdog pabitin’ during animal shelter’s birthday bash amuses netizens

October 21, 2022 - 1:10 PM
In this Oct. 18, 2022 photo, a group of dogs are enjoying the pabitin game facilitated by actress-vlogger Jelai Andres. (Pawssion Project/Facebook)

Filipinos online were amused by photos of rescued dogs enjoying games during an animal shelter’s birthday bash.

Pawssion Project, a non-profit animal welfare organization, celebrated its fourth birthday at its Balay Pawssion shelter in Bacolod City on October 18.

Memorable moments on that day were uploaded on its Facebook page.

“Ambassadog and paboritong anak privileges,” the post reads.

“Here’s a glimpse of what went down at Balay Pawssion yesterday as we culminated the 4th birthday of Pawssion Project! Always so much fun with the rescues,” it added.

The photos showed Pawssion volunteers and its rescued dogs as they had fun in a game of “pabitin,” a popular game at Filipino birthday parties where a rack of freebies or items is suspended over a crowd.

Participants have to jump in time as the rack is lowered to secure and win a prize.

In Pawssion’s version, hotdogs were suspended over a group of hungry rescues.

These snapshots received some buzz on the platform. It has since garnered 37,000 reactions, 1,300 comments and 22,000 shares.

One photo from the post gained the most traction.

It showed a group of dogs scrambling to a lowered “pabitin” being facilitated by actress-vlogger Jelai Andres. The actress has long been donating to the animal shelter and has been adopting dogs.

Meanwhile, one dog was captured in mid-jump to snatch at least one hotdog.

The photo has garnered 131,000 reactions, 5,500 comments and 52,000 shares.

Facebook users were amused by the “pabitin” based on their reactions. The post garnered 106,000 heart reactions, 17,000 laugh reactions and 5,000 likes.

In the comments section, some pet owners tagged their loved ones to encourage them to do the same activity with their pets.

Others shared images of dogs supposedly asking for the venue of the party.

Some Filipinos, meanwhile, expressed their view on which dog has the most advantage in the game.

“Madaya yung may cone. Pag nahulog, salo niya agad. Hahahaha,” a Facebook user said.

“Sakmalin na ni husky lahat yung hotdog,” another user commented.

In the same post, Pawssion asked the public for help to reach its goal to collect P444,444 for its #Climate4Change challenge.

“As of 6 p.m. yesterday, we have already gathered ₱56,297 from your donations! We have 3 more weeks to reach our goal of ₱444,444! Let’s make it happen,” the organization said.

Here is a graphic that contained Pawssion’s donation channels.

Donation channels for Pawssion Project

Since October 2018, Pawssion has been dedicated in its advocacy to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome stray dogs and cats from the streets and pounds.

It now has two shelters—the Balay Pawssion in Bacolod City and another site in Bulacan.

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