Teacher humiliation opens discussion on Filipino students’ behavior

October 27, 2022 - 5:50 PM
Image by Wokandapix via Pixabay

Some teachers and concerned Filipinos discussed Filipino students’ behavior after a teacher was ridiculed on Facebook while he was on duty.

News and media page “Wanna Fact PH” posted a screenshot of a post of a teacher who shared his experience of being humiliated by his students on Facebook.

This post was shared on a private Facebook group called “DepEd Tambayan.” Its profile stated that it is an online community for teachers and employees of the Department of Education.

In the post, the teacher, whose name was blurred for privacy, said that some students informed him that someone recorded him while he was teaching in class.

This recording, however, was shared via Facebook’s “MyDay” feature using a filter that made his appearance look distorted.

To make matters worse, the teacher was informed that this “MyDay” clip had already garnered some buzz on the platform.

“Wala kang binabastos o ipinapahiya pero yan pa ang sukli sa akin ng isa sa kanila,” the post in the snapshot reads.

Wanna Fact PH indicated that the post was made public by another teacher named Sherwin San Miguel.

San Miguel shared it on his account on October 24. He also recalled a similar sad experience he had with his own students.

“Mga magulang sana nakikita niyo to. Kaninang umaga, isa [lang] ang nagpasa ng assignment na ibinigay ko, isang linggo ang nakalipas. Sa isang section pito [lang] ang nagpasa. Bakit ganun?” he asked.

San Miguel also said that he empathized with the teacher in the screenshot he shared.

“Ang sakit sakit makabasa nito bilang isang guro! Sana disiplinahin niyo ang mga anak [niyo]. Pakiusap,” he said.

His own post blew up on the platform. It garnered 120,000 reactions, 4 comments and 39,000 shares so far.

Wanna Fact PH’s repost about the student humiliation garnered 2,900 reactions, 729 comments and 715 shares.

About student behavior and discipline 

In the comments section, some Filipinos perceived that this disrespectful behavior developed because some teachers lacked the power in imposing discipline on students.

“Kasi mga magulang mismo ngagalit pag dinidisiplina ng mga teacher ang anak nila,” one Facebook user said.

“Eh wala naman din magawa mga teachers para madisiplina sila kasi takot din sila mademanda. Magpahiya nga lang ng estudiyante nadedemanda na eh,” another user commented.

“Pagalitan ng guro, magrereklamo magulang. T****ng kalokohan yan. Dapat hindi inaalis ang ipin ng mga guro sa pag disiplina,” another user pointed out.

Others also suggested that cell phones should be prohibited inside classrooms to prevent these incidents.

“Dapat hindi ina-allowed ang CP sa loob ng classroom para maiwasan mga ganyan,” one Facebook user said.

Some online users, meanwhile, called for the return of values education subjects in the curriculum.

They might have missed the passage of a law that restored “Values Education” and “Good Manners and Right Conduct” subjects in June 2020.

This law applies to K to 12 curricula for both private and public schools.

Face-to-face classes returned to selected schools across the country last August 23 after two years of distance learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vice President Sara Duterte, also the education secretary, planned the full implementation of traditional learning nationwide in November.

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