No load needed: How prepaid users can text for free during emergencies

October 31, 2022 - 4:56 PM
Smartphone user
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

An Antique mayor shared that prepaid network subscribers can send a text message for free to any network in times of emergencies and disasters through a service.

San Jose Buenavista Mayor Elmer Untalan made Filipinos aware of the PHText service in which they can send free messages and find network carriers through Facebook Messenger, Telegram or their own website.

The service is for those without prepaid load but needed to contact their loved ones in times of need.

The sender only has to search for “phtext” in their Messenger app and then click the “Get Started” prompt to start availing of the service.

They will then be asked to input the recipient’s cellphone number and then their intended message.

There is also an available step-by-step tutorial and video tutorial for those new to the service.

Users will also be greeted by a message from its support team, which cautions the public against using it for “spreading misinformation” and for “illegal and harmful activities.”

Prepaid mobile subscribers are subjected to limited services of regular cell phones without a long-term contract, unlike postpaid subscribers.

Under a prepaid scheme, users can only text and call for a certain number of minutes.