Lalamove reminds furparents against booking service to deliver pets

November 11, 2022 - 5:54 PM
Cat in carrier
Image by paperelements from Pixabay

A same-day delivery service once again reminded pet owners that it cannot transport animals as part of its guidelines.

Lalamove on Friday e-mailed its patrons and informed them against using its service to deliver pets or animal companions.

It cited that its vehicles are “not equipped with the proper carriage and ventilation” for them.

“Our Lalamove Bossings have the right to refuse since this is not allowed on our platform,” it said in its e-mail message, referring to its delivery riders.

“For the safety of your pets, let them feel loved and not have them delivered via Lalamove,” the delivery service added.

The Straits Times Philippine correspondent Mara Cepeda also reiterated the reminder to pet owners on Twitter.

“So just received this email from Lalamove, probably because someone tried to have their pets delivered via motorcycle. BUT WHY? Poor furbaby. Be kind to your pets, folks,” she wrote, attaching a screengrab of its e-mail.

According to Lalamove, they cannot deliver “breathing or living things, and illegal or hazardous items.”

These include people, pets or animals, fish seedlings, dangerous drugs, alcoholic drinks in cases of alcohol ban, firearms, sharp objects, chemicals, unsecured flammable objects and jewelry.

“This guideline includes all delivery vehicles, from motorcycles to MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) and Light Trucks for trucking service and delivery vans,” the delivery service said on its website.

“Our team and Partner Drivers strictly implement this, and we expect our customers to follow as well. If the item you want to deliver isn’t on this list, then you can try our courier service!” it added.

Lalamove previously reminded its patrons about transporting animals last October.

It said that while it cannot deliver pets, it can transport pets’ treats, medicines and other essentials.

Meanwhile, other services that specialize in pet transport are Pet Movers Philippines, Kingchay Pet Transport and FurExpress, among others.