Q&A Full text: Winning answers of Miss Universe 2022 Top 3 finalists

January 15, 2023 - 1:06 PM
Host Olivia Culpo speaks with Miss U.S. R'Bonney Gabriel during the 71st Miss Universe pageant in New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S. January 14, 2023. (Reuters/Jonathan Bachman)

One of the most anticipated portions of Miss Universe is the Question and Answer, which allows the contestants to showcase their wit and communication skills.

During the pageant’s Q&A segment, the top three were given 30-seconds to answer this question:

“If you win the Miss Universe, how would you demonstrate this as an empowering and progressive organization?”

Here are the answers of the three contenders:

Miss Universe 2022 – United States of America’s R’Bonney Gabriel

“Well, I would use it to be a transformational leader. As a very passionate designer. I’ve been sewing for 13 years I use fashion as a force for good in my industry. I’m cutting down on pollution through recycled materials when I make my clothing. I teach sewing classes to women that have survived from human trafficking and domestic violence. And I say that because it is so important to invest in others, invest in our community, and use your unique talent to make a difference. We all have something special and when we plant those seeds to other people in our life, we transform them and we use that as a vehicle for change.”

First Runner Up – Venezuela’s Amanda Dudamel Newman

“If I get to win Miss Universe, I will follow the legacy that many women across the universe has showed to be part of this organization, because Miss Universe has demonstrated that they choose women who inspire with their messages and transform with their actions. And that’s precisely what we like to do. I’m a fashion designer by profession, but I’m not the signer of dreams.”

Second Runner Up – Dominican Republic’s Andreina Martínez

“I understand the Miss Universe Organization is looking for an ambassador somebody who is able to communicate a message. I have dedicated women’s rights for as long as I can remember, it’s been my actual day every single day. I’m here to demonstrate us no matter where you come from your background is not defined you in the terminations and I will show that by be working every single day showing my initial determination. Thank you.”

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R’Bonney was named the 71st Miss Universe. She is the first Filipino-American to have been crowned Miss Universe.

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