‘For Pinoy pride’: Pinoys rally behind USA’s R’Bonney Gabriel at Miss Universe 2022

January 15, 2023 - 11:44 AM
Miss USA R'bonney Nola Gabriel at Miss Universe 2022. (R'Bonney Gabriel/Instagram)

Several Filipinos threw support for another Filipino candidate, United States’ R’Bonney Gabriel, at the 71st Miss Universe pageant.

R’Bonney advanced to the Top 16 after her name was called by the hosts during the coronation night.

Philippines’ bet Celeste Cortesi, meanwhile, ended her journey early after her name was not included among the finalists.

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Amid the dismay over this result, some Filipinos continued to cheer for R’Bonney, who is half-Filipino, even if she is representing another country.

They cheered for the USA bet by expressing humorous remarks on Twitter.

“R’Bonney win it for the Pinoy prideee,” one Twitter user said.

“Ang Filipinong gipit sa USA kumakapit. Iuwi mo na yan R’Bonney,” another tweeted.

“R’Bonney you better work b**ch!!! Para sa Pilipinas!” another Twitter user said.

“USA said PROVE THAT I CAN CONQUER AGE IS JUST A NUMBER,” tweeted “Drag Race Philippines” Season 1 runner-up Marina Summers.

Others also supported Spain’s Alicia Faubel, who is fluent in Filipino language, after working in the Philippines for three years.

Alicia was among the Top 16 finalists.

“Weird to cheer for our colonizers! Pero, go USA and Spain!” election lawyer Emilio Marañon said.

As of writing, R’Bonney advanced to the sought-after Top Three finalists:

R’Bonney previously made history as the first Filipino-American candidate to win Miss USA last year, thus leading her to represent the country on the international pageant stage.

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Her national costume and dress for the evening gowns were also made by Filipino designers.

Patrick Isorena created her large, heavy-looking costume.

It was inspired by one of the world’s historic moments involving America—the first-time mankind walked on the moon. It was achieved by American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin in 1969.

Rian Fernandez, meanwhile, created her dress for the evening gown.

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It is a sophisticated halter dress with an oversized cape shawl in viva magenta, the color of the year.

R’Bonney also runs her own fashion label R’Bonney Nola. Her brand uses sustainable design methods for her clothing collections’ textures, embroideries and other accessories.