UP AI professors warn students against use of AI tools in academic requirements

January 18, 2023 - 7:24 PM
This image shows the University of the Philippines' Oblation statue. (File Photo, Artwork by James Patrick Cruz)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) professors from the University of the Philippines Diliman condemned the use of AI tools for cheating in academic requirements.

“Manuscripts, graphic designs, videos, computer programs, and other academic requirements must be solely created by the student or group of students as required by the instructor of the course,” UP AI faculty said on Tuesday, January 17. 

This statement came after a report that a student allegedly used ChatGPT, a chatbot AI, to submit an essay. 

This tool generates text on any subject in response to a prompt. 

Using two Al detector systems, the professor found that the submitted output of his student was most likely a product of AI. 

This has caused an alarm among teachers as AI might be used in cheating. 

On the other hand, students were concerned that these Al detector systems will be “weaponized” by professors to claim academic dishonesty against original outputs. 

Regulations in the use of AI tools

While AI tools drew ire as they can be used in cheating, UP AI professors said: “it would be frivolous to ban AI tools in university computer networks.”

“In many universities around the world, these Al tools rose to the top of their academic agenda. Task forces and open forum discussions have been established to provide guidance on how to deal with this disruptive innovation,” the statement read.

“The use of Al tools to enhance and facilitate the student’s learning should be encouraged,” it added. 

Given this issue, the faculty urged the university to have a forum on Al tools and their implications on academic matters. 

The professors also suggested that the university should revisit the definition of academic integrity and consider the use of AI tools. 

The university was also asked to educate students about the proper use of AI tools. 

When it comes to academic requirements, on the other hand, professors were encouraged “to include more in-depth critical thinking, scholarly discourse, and sound judgment.”

UP AI program concluded with a quote from “The Innovator’s Mindset” author George Couros that reads:

“Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers is transformational.” 

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