Lea Salonga to star in Broadway musical about Imelda Marcos, ‘Here Lies Love’

February 28, 2023 - 5:53 PM
Photo shows Lea Salonga and "Here Lies Love" musical poster (Lea Salonga/Facebook; Here Lies Love/Facebook)

Lea Salonga will star in the Broadway musical “Here Lies Love,”  which talks about the life of former first lady Imelda Marcos

The musical icon will play the character of Aurora Aquino, the mother of late and former senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr., who was assassinated during the Marcos dictatorship. 

Ninoy’s death prompted the historic EDSA People Power Revolution which toppled Ferdinand Marcos Sr.’s rule.

Lea said “Here Lies Love” is very special for her. 

“As a Filipino artist, I am incredibly excited that audiences will finally get to see on—Broadway—this beautiful, impactful, and important musical,” she said.

It was also a “full-circle” moment for Lea as she is set to return to Broadway after over three decades since she first appeared on the international theater stage with “Miss Saigon” in 1991. 

Lea will also be reunited with Filipino-American artists such as Jose Llana and Conrad Ricamora. 

Llana will portray the role of the late Marcos Sr, while Oliver will play the character of Ninoy. 

Both Llana and Ricamora had previously portrayed the same characters in the same musical.  

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The box office opens on Saturday, May 20.

Who is Imelda Marcos?

Imelda was born to a prominent Romualdez family from Leyte. 

She was also crowned as Miss Manila, which paved way for her meeting with Marcos Sr., who was then a congressman. 

After a whirlwind courtship, Imelda married Marcos Sr. in May 1954. 

The former-first lady campaigned for her husband in the 1965 presidential elections, which he won by a small majority. 

During the rule of his husband, Imelda held a few key positions in the government such as Minister of Human Settlements (1981-1986) and Manila governor (1975-1986). 

Imelda was also famous for her lavish lifestyle and her shoe and jewelry collection.

When EDSA People Power revolve broke out in 1986 against the Marcos dictatorship, Imelda and the rest of the first family fled to Hawaii. 

After returning to the Philippines in 1992, Imelda ran for president and was unsuccessful.

From 1995 to 1998, Imelda served as Leyte’s 1st District Representative.

In 2010, Imelda won as Ilocos Norte representative.

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On Nov. 9, 2018, the Sandiganbayan convicted Imelda of seven counts of graft for creating private foundations in Switzerland when she was a government official.

She was sentenced to imprisonment of six years and one month to 11 years for each count of graft, which is equivalent to a minimum of 42 years in prison. Imelda, however, remains free after Philippine National Police chief Director General Oscar Albayalde in 2018 her old age must be considered for her arrest.

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