‘Photocard’ feels: Robredo’s cherry blossom pic in Japan gains buzz

March 20, 2023 - 3:56 PM
Leni Robredo_Sakura Season
Screengrab of former vice president Leni Robredo enjoying cherry blossoms in Japan in this photo uploaded on her Instagram Story on March 19, 2023 (lenirobredo/Instagram)

Photocard? Concept teaser?

These were some of the reactions to the photo uploaded by former vice president Leni Robredo on her Instagram where she was spotted enjoying Japan‘s famous “Cherry Blossom” Season.

The Angat Buhay NGO chair on Sunday shared a photo of her wearing a pink tweed coat with a scarf as she appreciates the cherry blossoms or “sakura” in the Land of the Rising Sun.

She capped off her look with a pink-hued lipstick.

“Sakura Season,” Robredo wrote on her Instagram Story posted on March 19.

Leni Robredo_Sakura Season
Screengrab of former vice president Leni Robredo enjoying cherry blossoms in Japan in this photo uploaded on her Instagram Story on March 19, 2023 (lenirobredo/Instagram)

Her post was reshared on the subreddit r/Philippines, a community in Reddit dedicated to “the Philippines and all things Filipino.”

“Napakaganda,” a Redditor wrote on Sunday with a tulip emoji.

The emoji has been famously associated with Robredo during the campaign period of the 2022 national elections as it reflects her campaign color. Her supporters also associate it with one of her taglines which alludes to a flower: “Kulay rosas ang bukas.”

Napakaganda 🌷
by u/tipsy_espresso in Philippines

The Reddit post has been upvoted at 92%. Some of its comments read:

“Parang city pop album cover, madam, hahahaha,” a Redditor wrote, referring to a genre in Japanese music that became popular in the ’80.

City pop is known to be upbeat in nature, borrowing influences from funk, soul, disco, lounge and yacht rock, among others. It is also usually paired with retro visuals and sampled into future funk, lo-fi, and vaporwave songs, which are known for their aesthetic qualities.

“Lakas maka-photocard ni madam,” another Reddit user commented on the post with a heart-eyed emoji.

Photocards, typically among fandoms, refer to smooth and glossy cards featuring the image of a K-pop idol or star.

Robredo, especially during the campaign, has been called “Leni sunbaenim” by some of her supporters who are also K-pop fans.

“Sunbaenim” is a term used in South Korea that refers to someone older or a more experienced person.

“Album cover, madam. (cherry blossom emojis) Pak,” commented another Redditor to the former vice president’s picture.


“Halaaa, ang lakas maka-K-drama [Korean drama] huhuhuh (kahit NASA Japan),” another Twitter user commented with a smiling-face-with-tear emoji.

A Filipino also shared a picture with Robredo uploaded on the same day she posted her cherry blossom photo.

“So glad to finally have met you. Here, of all places. Stay warm, ma’am,” Facebook user Jeremy Gonzalez wrote, geotagging his post at Shinjuku in Tokyo, Japan.

Based on social media posts, Robredo reportedly visited the TeamLab Planets Tokyo museum and met with young Filipinos courtesy of the Association of Filipino Scholars in Japan, among others.

She also had a “meet-and-greet” with her supporters at the Karaokekan Ginza Honten.

‘Sakura season’ 

Japan is famous for its cherry blossoms, a flower from a Prunus tree that has many kinds.

The flower from cherry blossom trees is pink in color and can be described as small, delicate, and billowy.

It is commonly found in the Northern Hemisphere regions with temperature climates like Japan, China, Korea, Nepal, India, Pakistan, and some areas in Europe.

Cherry blossom trees are especially famous in Japan since the country carries a large number of varieties. It is also considered their national flower.

While different varieties bloom at different times, most hit their peak in the capital Tokyo from the end of March to the beginning of April.

The Japan Meteorological Corporation said that for the year 2023, the cherry blossoms in its capital bloomed on March 14.

The East Asian country considers cherry blossom viewing as a national pastime since the eighth century.

Meanwhile, the Philippines has the native pink mempat tree or “salingogon” which similarly carries dainty pink blooms.

It can be spotted in Bulacan, Negros, Aklan, Antique, and some coastal areas, according to an environmental organization.