Snake walk, Ricci Rivero tweet: Some entries of #RP612FIC for Independence Day

June 12, 2023 - 12:25 PM
Michelle Dee_Ricci Rivero tweet
Photo of Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Michelle Dee after winning the crown; screengrab of Ricci Rivero's tweet (michelledee/Instagram; _ricciiirivero/Twitter)

As with every celebration of Independence Day, the people of local Twitter are once again commemorating the national holiday with witty takes featuring well-known posts and memes in the context of Philippine history — or alternative history.

Called the #RP612FIC, the hashtag features contemporary posts and pictures with captions referencing people’s made-up interpretations and retellings of historical moments, particularly during the Spanish Colonial Era.

The “RP” in the hashtag stands for “Republic of the Philippines” while “612” stands for June 12, with June as the sixth month of the year. “FIC,” meanwhile, stands for “fiction.”

The “#RP612FIC” trend was started by writer Paolo Chikiamco in 2009.

It started as an alternative way of telling history by artists and writers who post their pieces on Twitter.

Earlier entries included themes such as alternative history and steampunk reinterpretations of Philippine history, mythology, or modern-day events.

For the country’s 125th Independence Day, Filipino Twitter users used recent viral posts, memes, and pictures to share their own fictional retellings of Philippine history.

Here are some of them:

The Ricci breakup confirmation tweet 

A Twitter user shared a text of basketball player-actor Ricci Rivero‘s viral tweet confirming his breakup with actress-influencer Andrea Brillantes and used it in the context of national hero Jose Rizal and his love life.

“Jose Rizal’s public statement after being allegedly accused of two-timing Leonor Rivera and Leonor Valenzuela,” the user wrote as a caption.

Leonor Rivera was dubbed as “Rizal’s greatest love” while Leonor Valenzuela was the hero’s second object of affection after Segunda Katigbak, the first lady he was enamored with.

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Michelle Dee’s famous ‘snake walk’ 

A Twitter user shared the famous clip featuring Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Michelle Dee‘s “snake walk” which served as her signature walk in the beauty pageant.

The move draws inspiration from Miss International 1979 Melanie Marquez, Michelle’s mother.

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Clips of it have since been used as memes, including as an entry to the annual #RP612FIC.

“Rare footage of a Katipunera dodging the Spaniards’ bullets,” a Twitter user said upon sharing Michelle’s pageant walk.

The Katipuneros are members of the Katipunan, a Philippine revolutionary organization founded by anti-Spanish colonialist Filipinos in 1892.

Filipino Swifties recreating ‘Eras Tour’ 

In a bid for American pop star Taylor Swift to come to the Philippines for her groundbreaking “Eras Tour,” Filipino fans created their own concert last May which featured local performers singing her chart-topping songs.

Called “Fan Nights: The Eras Festival in Manila – Encore,” the event featured a Pinoy drag queen and Swiftie named Taylor Sheesh who transformed into the famous singer and lip-synched to some of Taylor’s hits.

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A Twitter user shared a video taken during the concert and wrote the caption as an #RP612FIC entry:

“Rare colorized footage of the introduction of Christianity to the Philippines (Circa 1560s)”

The Spaniards were the ones who introduced Christianity in the Philippines as part of their colonization agenda with the refrain of “Gold, God, and Glory.”

The ‘Titikman o Tatakpan’ duo 

A Twitter user shared the famous clip of two kids ranking the desirability of some local showbiz heartthrobs with the line, “titikman” (to taste) or “tatakpan” (to cover).

Their video gained traction during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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A Twitter user shared it with the caption: “Padre Damaso sa tinola.”

Padre Damaso is a fictional character in Rizal’s novel, “Noli Me Tangere.”

He is the enemy of Don Rafael Ibarra, the father of the novel’s protagonist, Juan Crisostomo Ibarra.

In the novel, there is a scene where Damaso is not given the choice bits of tinola while dining in as a guest in Capitan Tiago’s house. The friar, who highly thinks of himself, is insulted at the gesture.