Why iKON’s songs took spotlight in local newscast

August 24, 2023 - 11:32 AM
Members of K-pop boy group iKON in this photo posted on their Facebook page on June 26, 2022 (143iKON/Facebook)

Two songs of a K-pop boy group were talked about online after reporting errors happened on a newscast of a state-run television network.

Fans of K-pop group iKON were surprised when the showbiz news presenter of PTV-4’s “Rise and Shine Pilipinas” reported about the group’s Manila leg of their “Take Off” global tour.

Clips of the segment went viral on the X (formerly Twitter) platform where Dianne Medina was heard mispronouncing their song “Sinosijak.”

She also wrongly reported that they performed “Taranta” instead of “Tantara.”

“Sinosijak?? Edi jowanibarbie,” an online user quipped, referring to Kapuso actor Jak Roberto, the boyfriend of Barbie Forteza and the other half of the JakBie couple.

“Taranta at Sinosijak, ilan sa mga bagong kanta sa new album ng [K-pop] group na iKON. Huh?” another online user wrote.

“Nataranta din [siya]. Pero thank you for [the] coverage,” commented a different Pinoy.

“Sinosijak,” one of iKON’s songs, is pronounced as “Shi-no-shi-jak.”

A sample of it can be heard in one of their performances:

Meanwhile, one of their songs is titled “Tantara,” not “Taranta” as what the newscast said.

Medina previously caught attention for falsely pronouncing the term “subunit” as “su-bu-nit” in a newscast last February. It was supposed to be pronounced as “suh-byoo-nit.”

In K-pop, “subunit” refers to a smaller group of idols from the same group.

For example, K-pop group Super Junior has a subunit called Super Junior K.R.Y. which is composed of three members from the larger group.

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Medina responded to criticisms of her “subunit” pronunciation before.

“Pero kasi since wala akong alam sa [K-pop], mas ok sana kung nalagyan ng space so na guide ako,” she told an Instagram user.

“Na-assume ko kasi na Japanese word. Although dapat rin as a host, nag-search ako and didn’t rely sa prompter. Anyway, at least I know my lesson now,” the news presenter added.