‘Nag-away?’: Sister of missing Miss Grand Philippines 2023 bet responds to speculations

October 17, 2023 - 5:20 PM
Catherine Camilon
Miss Grand Philippines 2023 candidate Catherine Camilon in this photo on her Instagram on Oct. 1, 2023 (catherine_camilon/Instagram)

The sister of missing Miss Grand Philippines 2023 candidate Catherine Camilon responded to Filipinos who speculated that a fight broke out between them before the disappearance.

Chin-Chin Camilon on early Tuesday morning shared a screengrab through Facebook Story which featured a message from Catherine sent on October 2022 with the caption:

“Sa mga nagsasabi na baka daw nag-away kaming dalawa, ganto lang ho pinag-aawayan namin.”

Chin-Chin added emojis of rolling-on-the-floor laughing faces in her post.

The message from Catherine before reads:


Chin-Chin Camilon_FB Story
Screengrab of Chin-Chin Camilon’s Facebook Story on Oct. 17, 2023 (chingching.camilon/Facebook)

Chin-Chin also posted other screengrabs of her online conversations with her sister where she was seen expressing her love and worry for the beauty queen aspirant.

Chin-Chin Camilon_FB Story2
Screengrab of Chin-Chin Camilon’s Facebook Story (chingching.camilon/Facebook)
Chin-Chin Camilon_FB Story3
Screengrab of Chin-Chin Camilon’s Facebook Story (chingching.camilon/Facebook)
Chin-Chin Camilon_FB Story4
Screengrab of Chin-Chin Camilon’s Facebook Story (chingching.camilon/Facebook)

Reports said Catherine has been missing since last week.

Chin-Chin previously said her sister last called them on Thursday, 8 p.m.

She also said Catherine’s phone had been turned off since Friday morning.

“Hindi din po nag-o-online, palagi po [siya nag-u-update] sa amin, ngayon lang po talaga hindi,” Chin-Chin said in a Facebook post on October 13.

Chin-Chin also shared details of the vehicle Catherine was last seen in — a gun metallic gray Nissan Juke with the license plate NEI 2990.

An inquiry by Interaksyon from the Land Transporation Office notes that the vehicle was registered in 2019.

LTO said it “has no LTO apprehension” and “no LTO alarm.”

LTO inquiry
(Screengrab via Interaksyon/Jeline Malasig)

In a radio interview on Tuesday, Tuy Police Chief Major Eugenio Napthali Solomon said that they had already started tracking the owner of the vehicle Catherine was in when she disappeared.

“Tinutukoy pa natin itong registered owner nitong sasakyan dahil according sa pamilya, ay hindi po sa kanilang anak naka-rehistro ang pangalan. Tinutukoy pa po natin ang owner para matunton natin sino mismong tao ang napagbilihan para malaman natin kung ito ay na-install-an ng GPS para ma-track natin,” he said.

Solomon added that they had also checked the gasoline station in Bauan where Catherine briefly parked to wait for a friend.

It was also the area where her mother, Rose Camilon, said that the beauty queen aspirant was last contacted at around 8:33 p.m. on October 12.

In a radio interview, Rose said that Catherine went to Batangas City from her hometown in Tuy for a meeting with an online media company where the latter served as a talent.

The matriarch said Catherine was in touch until around 3:30 a.m. on October 13.

Rose also said she felt that her daughter was going through something despite not opening up about it.

She added that her daughter has no known enemies or a boyfriend she can run away with.

As of Tuesday afternoon, a CCTV footage taken in a mall at Lemery, Batangas showed Catherine walking on the premises.

ABS-CBN News said that it was taken hours before her family completely lost contact with her and was subsequently reported missing.

The 26-year-old beauty queen aspirant represented Tuy, Batangas — where she is also a public school teacher — in the Miss Grand Philippines 2023 pageant in July. It was won by Nikki de Moura of Cagayan de Oro.