‘Eroplano na lang kulang’: Social media user flexes pavement with road studs

March 1, 2024 - 6:10 PM
Road studs
Road studs in Brgy. Kumintang Ibaba at Batangas in this photo posted by Elliot Andal on Facebook on Feb. 27, 2024 (elliot.andal/Facebook)

“Cleared for take-off.”

These were the comments of Filipinos upon seeing a viral picture of a road with light markings taken at night.

Facebook user Elliot Andal, a DepEd TV remote location director, on Tuesday shared a picture of their road outlined with green lights.

Reports said it is located in Brgy. Kumintang Ibaba at Batangas.

“Posted to brag, not to inspire… Kalsada namin, eroplano na lang kulang,” he wrote on February 27.

Andal’s post has amassed 158,000 pure laughing reactions, 7,300 shares and 1,900 comments so far, with Filipinos sharing witty responses.

“Meron din akong nadadaanan na ganyan dito sa’min sa Pangasinan and ‘di maalis sa isip ko na, ‘What if may biglang lumapag na eroplano?’ Hahaha,” a Facebook user commented.

“Wait mo ‘yung binili kong eroplano,” joked another Pinoy.

“Clear for take-off, [runway] 04 dg6118,” quipped a different user.

“Ganto daan namin from terminal. Ang astig, AHAHAHAH,” wrote another Pinoy.

“Cleared to land,” a different user commented.

Others shared the road light found in their respective areas.

“Eto sa may Zambales,” a Filipino said, sharing a video.

“Tabuk City, Kalinga Road Lights [at] Night,” another Facebook user commented.

“Same,” wrote a different user, sharing a photo of a road outlined with lights.

A Filipino commented she finds such road lights helpful when she drives at night.

“Laking ginhawa sa mata nung green. ‘Pag gabi, hirap na ‘ko mag-drive tapos maliliwanag na puti pa at dilaw na ilaw, masakit sa mata. Mas okay ‘yung green at ganyang white at pagka-yellow,” she wrote.

“For road safety, pero ganda po hahahaha,” another user said.

A Filipino enlighted other social media users by commenting that such lights are for road safety.

“Road marking safety awareness po ‘yan,” a user wrote.

Road studs are small reflective items used on the road to help boost visibility in the dark.

They are crucial in improving road safety since they guide drivers and motorists, especially when roads do not have street lights or during poor weather conditions.

The bright reflective material used in road studs reflects a car’s headlights, making it easier for drivers to see the road ahead.