‘After 30 years’: Commuters quip about MRT Ortigas sidewalk expansion

January 29, 2024 - 6:11 PM
MRT Ortigas sidewalk
Expanded sidewalk below the MRT Ortigas Station's east exit at the EDSA northbound side in this photo posted by writer Eric Cabahug on Facebook on Jan. 24, 2023 (eric.cabahug/Facebook)

“After 30 years.”

This was the quip of some Filipinos after learning that the notoriously narrow sidewalk below the northbound side of MRT Ortigas Station had been expanded to accommodate commuters.

Palanca award-winning writer Eric Cabahug last Wednesday posted a picture of the improved sidewalk by the east exit of the MRT station’s northbound side near the Asian Development Bank and commented about it.

“OMG!!! If you know, you know. Hahaha,” he wrote on Facebook.

His post has reached 2,900 likes and reactions, 1,500 shares and 335 comments so far.

Cabahug was referencing the sidewalk before its fence was moved to accommodate more commuters.

Prior to the expansion, the public had to walk in a single line when passing by the particular area.

The rest of the space was occupied by the MRT station’s escalator and its columns. The other side of the property belongs to the ADB.

In February 2023, a picture of a personnel regulating foot traffic through a “stop-and-go” motion went viral.

“The pedestrian walkway at Ortigas overpass has gotten so bad that there now needs to be a stop-and-go enforcer to control the traffic flow,” an online user wrote with a melting face emoji before.

Meanwhile, those who saw Cabahug’s Facebook post expressed relief that the sidewalk below the MRT station was expanded to prevent build-up and inconvenience to commuters.

“After 30 years. Hahahahaha,” a Pinoy wrote with several laughing emojis.

“Buti naman pwede [na] magsalubungan, hahaha, dati antay mode ka [talaga] ‘pag magpasalubong,” another user commented.

“After 20 years haha,” commented a different Filipino.

“Mabuti naman HAHAHA,” another user said.

Some expressed concern that a part of the designated bike lane was sacrificed to accommodate the sidewalk extension.

“Tama ba nakikita ko? So ‘yong nilalakaran in-extend sa bike lane? So magagalit na naman ‘yong mga naka-bike [niyan]?” a Facebook user wrote.

Earlier this month, Pinoys called for better commuter mobility after photos posted by a reporter showed the large volume of build-up on the narrow sidewalk due to the MRT Ortigas’ escalator maintenance.

On the same day, it was reported that the sidewalk fence had been expanded to accommodate more passersby and commuters so that more than one person could walk in the area without bumping each other.

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