‘Best endorser’: Sassa Gurl flaunts signature ‘hotdog blush’ in new video ad

April 3, 2024 - 12:38 PM
Sassa Gurl_Colourette
Sassa Gurl in this screengrab from a video advertisement by Colourette on Facebook on April 1, 2024 (ColouretteBeIT/Facebook)

“Appropriate product endorsement.”

This was the comment of some Filipinos to a local makeup brand’s advertisement featuring online personality Sassa Gurl who is known for her iconic “hotdog blush.”

Colourette Cosmetics on Monday uploaded a video on Facebook promoting its multi-use tint (Colourtint) in the shade “That Peach.”

“ULTRA-PIGMENTED Sassa Gurl blush ba? Keri ‘yan with Colourtint!” it said on April 1.

The brand said the particular tint has “become the iconic multi-use tint since 2017” and “today’s most loved lip product on social media,” adding they have sold over 2 million pieces of it.

“Colourtint hotdog blush na sakto lang, yours for only P399!” it said.

Its advertisement featured Sassa Gurl applying the tint on her cheeks and creating her iconic pigmented blush she is recognizable for.

The video has amassed 610,000 views, 55,000 likes and reactions and 1,500 comments so far, with some Filipinos saying that the influencer is the “perfect” endorser of the beauty product.

“The only endorsement we need,” a Facebook user wrote with a finger heart emoji.

“Yasssssssss, finally! Appropriate product endorsement. Congrats,” another Pinoy commented with red heart emojis.

“WAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA, I LOVEEEE THIS AD! Smartyyy!!” exclaimed a different user.

“BEST ENDORSER,” wrote another Pinoy said with heart-eyed emojis.

Sassa Gurl is known for her signature “hotdog blush” wherein she wears her pigmented blush in a straight line across her cheeks, unlike in typical circular fashion. These can be seen in her digital content like videos and skits.

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